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Shot the first coat of lacquer on the shells and hoops last night. That’s my friend Henry Parker manning the HVLP rig. Since last night, I went there on my lunch break and sanded the first coat while Henry sprayed a second coat. I am trying to fill in the gaps on the hardware- still […]

post production pedal work

Here’s that old bass drum pedal after a little love from the sandblaster: and altogether now:

the new bass drum pedal

Here are a couple of details I meant to mention in that first entry: It didn’t seem right or prudent to play a calfskin head with an Iron Cobra ( \m/ ), so I went and bought this: Got one of those big, puffy lambswool beaters, too. Should have just the right sound, I think. […]

back from the dead to tell you about…

the drum set I am building…. So… It all started when my friend Will came by my studio with some drums he’d been a-tinkerin’ with. He said “I want to make a kit like Levon Helm used to play.” and he showed me this picture, or one like it: and I said… “I can dig […]

This is where metal is going

You should check out the live footage of the Baroness show from the Bowery Ballroom.  I dig these guys.  Their idea of metal is much closer, I think, to Can than it is to someone like, say, Megadeath.  I think it’s a lot more interesting, this sort of improvisational metal.  However, it can get a little […]

The drummers’ sushi roundtable

Over edamame, spicy tuna rolls and Kirin last night, I was fortunate enough to find myself alone at a table with Hugo Burnham and Curtis Crowe, the drummers of Gang of Four and Pylon, respectively. (You can read a fantastic

I have new drums

By the way, I don’t think I have posted photos of my new drums here yet. Well, here they are…. I am not sexy enough to deserve these drums.

Back in the saddle

Well, kids, you’re not gonna believe this, but I am going to be drumming for the Psychedelic Furs on their upcoming US Tour. Ain’t that a gas? My friend Hugo who plays drums for Gang of Four was supposed to be doing this tour, but his family back in England needed him badly, so he’s […]

Who do you want to make your stuff?

and are you willing to pay the difference in price? This is footage shot inside the Zildjian plant. They make thousands of cymbals a week. Amazing technology for making perfect cymbals: and this is Robert Spizzichino, artisan cymbal maker from Italy: I like Spizz’s cymbals a lot, but they’re not durable enough to be Music […]

A Little Bit About the Low Lows

the band with whom I am going to Europe is The Low Lows, and here is a brief excerpt from an email I sent SteveAudio last week when I got the news that I was onboard: melancholy rock band the Low Lows have asked me to be their drummer on their upcoming European tour. I […]

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