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go Tigers!

FUCK you, George Steinbrenner. Too bad you can’t get your money back. The guys at Farm 255 were giving me a hard time about my Tigers game jersey back last spring. Who’s the monkey now, boys? After beating the Yankees, Tigers players took a victory lap, spraying champagne on the fans who endured 12 consecutive […]

My kind of argument

Gilliard’s so fucking right. I agree with about 90% of everything he says, but MOST ESPECIALLY this: The Yankee fans just expect to win and wonder why you don’t think their team is the greatest thing since viagra. And they don’t like losing. They whine like children when their sainted fucking team loses. No team […]

I was grumpy when I had to quit drugs, too

Man, Spring training is looking a lot like a family reunion at the Jackson Compound. Two fights in two days? Over games that don’t even count? One week before Opening Day, excitable reliever Julian Tavarez punched Tampa Bay outfielder Joey Gathright lightly in the jaw Monday after a play at the plate. Players ran in […]

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

First, I want you to read this Michael Bérubé essay. Then read this that I wrote about Professor B back a while ago. It’s like waves, like the man said. First one, then another, then another…

Kirby Puckett has passed

He struggled for the last part of his life, and seemed to have lost his way somewhat, but once Kirby Puckett was one of the brightest stars in baseball. I have been an Atlanta Braves fan since I was a kid, when the Braves were not just a bad baseball team, they were a force […]

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