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Great quote for your 4th of July hangover

This is from Werner Herzog, talking about his new film “Rescue Dawn.” This is a nice summation of how it feels to be living in the greatest country on earth right now: We should be cautious, because there are an abundance of films that are anti-American or at least question American’s attitude in the world. […]

Oh, and happy Independence Day, y’all.

My favorite version of the National Anthem ever…

A brief break from my career as a travel writer

I found this story from the Washington Post to be touching and very powerful. Think of “El Chino” when you see people like Tom Tancredo talking about how “These people” come to steal “our jobs.” The whole issue of illegal immigration is terribly complex, and there’s no ground upon which to stake your tent that […]

Oh, this is priceless

The Minutemen (fuck you, by the way…) are at each other’s throats. Seems someone’s been dipping in the bean jar…. A growing number of Minuteman Civil Defense Corps leaders and volunteers are questioning the whereabouts of hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of dollars in donations collected in the past 15 months, challenging the organization’s leadership […]

There are all kinds of luck

I am lucky enough to work somewhere I can watch the US vs. Ghana game on the break room tv while working from the laptop. That’s one kind of luck. I am pulling for the US. That’s another kind. ::UPDATE:: HHHHHOOOOOLLLLY SHIT IT’S TIED!!!!!! ::Update 2:: well, that didn’t last long.

una dia sin immigrantes

Well, it looks like the Day Without a Mexican marches were a huge success. Someone thoughtfully sent me a link to an excellent retrospective on what May Day celebrations have meant in the past. Because today’s marches are on a workday, they recall the mass strikes and marches that turned workers out of factories that […]

California appears to be full of idiots

I don’t even know where to begin with this: A recent proposal in Hawthorne to require English on most business signs has highlighted growing clashes over language use in workplaces and the public square. Although sign ordinances such as the one pursued in Hawthorne are no longer a central issue — a 1989 federal court […]

Dear Minutemen, Fuck You (and have a taco).

I can’t wait for the racist idiots in the Minutemen to either get a new hobby or shoot each other in a spectacular orgy of violent mistaken identity. In the meantime, one entrepreneur in Costa Mesa is making them look like assholes in real time: It wasn’t a surprise, then, that Burciaga has emerged as […]

I hate that I have been such a dullard today

I have been working on the advance kit for my band. On the other hand, Fixer and Gordon have been busy. Check out Fixer’s rant about… hmmm… pick one….. You put a bunch of scared, bewildered kids in a place where they can’t tell friend from foe and can’t speak the language, and then tell […]

required reading:

Check out this open letter to the US Media. I learned an important lesson from the guys with whom I framed houses in Chicago- You can be Mexican American and never have had an ancestor who crossed the border. As Los Tigres del Norte say in “Somos Mas Americanos,” Yo no cruce la frontera, ¡la […]

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