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It’s the little things that get me excited

This photo is a story- first, there’s a 35 pound watermelon. Yes, that’s 35 ACTUAL pounds of melon. I don’t know how I am going to chill a melon that large. I am probably gonna have to get some sort of washtub or something and 40 pounds of ice. In this photo is my 50 […]

Something I learned today

Something I learned today- I stay cooler when I work in the garden if I wear a cowboy hat, shorts and an oversized white dress shirt (unbuttoned as much as decency will allow in front and completely unbuttoned at the wrists). I discovered that working while dressed this way I am cooler than I am […]

Garden Porn, Installment 1 for June 1st, 2006

Let’s begins with a few contrasts… here is a mild-mannered tomato that sprouted from last year’s tomato seeds that were in the dirt. This photo was taken about two weeks ago, roughly. It’s happy and healthy, but not… y’know, scary… Now here is that same tomato plant today, trying to eat the Missus: notice that […]

The double triple life

Yesterday I worked a full day, went home and did as much work for the fruit trees and the garden as the rain would allow, and then went to Music Hates You practice, where I played drums so hard that I put the bass drum beater through the bass drum head. Bass drum heads are […]

Bored with everything but the garden

Sorry, everyone, but I am really channeling all of my energy into growing stuff. The President seems to have found himself a bobsled team to Hell without any help from me, so I am out in the yard getting sunburned. Yesterday I spent an inordinate about of time cleaning and reassembling the carburetor on my […]

Poop hauling

Spring is upon us, and Mrs. Dog and I have found a goldmine of good dirt for the garden. Some friends have taken over an old stable and way back in the back there was a large hill that was covered with brambles and thistle. After looking around and trying to figure out where the […]

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