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Shot the first coat of lacquer on the shells and hoops last night. That’s my friend Henry Parker manning the HVLP rig. Since last night, I went there on my lunch break and sanded the first coat while Henry sprayed a second coat. I am trying to fill in the gaps on the hardware- still […]

post production pedal work

Here’s that old bass drum pedal after a little love from the sandblaster: and altogether now:

the new bass drum pedal

Here are a couple of details I meant to mention in that first entry: It didn’t seem right or prudent to play a calfskin head with an Iron Cobra ( \m/ ), so I went and bought this: Got one of those big, puffy lambswool beaters, too. Should have just the right sound, I think. […]

back from the dead to tell you about…

the drum set I am building…. So… It all started when my friend Will came by my studio with some drums he’d been a-tinkerin’ with. He said “I want to make a kit like Levon Helm used to play.” and he showed me this picture, or one like it: and I said… “I can dig […]

Sleeping in Billy’s Car

Things are better this week.

from the Athens Banner Herald: Athens-Clarke police Sgt. Courtney Gale continues to recover from near fatal stab wounds, unaware of how friends, fellow officers and even strangers have poured out support for her this week. Gale almost died from massive blood loss after a man with a history of mental illness stabbed her 10 times […]

A whole town holds its breath

A brief update on the condition of Officer Courtney Gale:  Though Gale’s condition has improved, she has a long way to go, Police Chief Jack Lumpkin said Thursday. Gale lost a massive amount of blood, and doctors probably saved her leg through several surgeries on damaged arteries, according to Lumpkin, who said Gale’s condition had […]

Other folks are talking…

My wife’s theatre company is putting on a fantastic play, the second act of which is pretty amazing, and heartbreaking. I dunno… something about Truman Capote’s take on the holidays appeals to me.  Gordon Lamb does a nice write up and includes .mp3s of Capote reading “A Thanksgiving Visitor.”  Good stuff.  No, amazing stuff.

The drummers’ sushi roundtable

Over edamame, spicy tuna rolls and Kirin last night, I was fortunate enough to find myself alone at a table with Hugo Burnham and Curtis Crowe, the drummers of Gang of Four and Pylon, respectively. (You can read a fantastic

Back with Music Hates You

I got back to Atlanta on Wednesday, got to bed at two a.m, or so, then was up the next morning and back to the Day Job. Hi, boss! Eight a.m.? No Problem! After work, I met up with Music Hates You and we went back to Atlanta to play the Drunken Unicorn with Hope […]

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