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Well, it could have been a lot worse

I finally saw footage of the now infamous Zidane headbutt. It came in the form of an explanation showing that Zidane was actually saving a man’s life by knocking him out of the way of a sniper bullet. (That link’s actually pretty funny…) At the risk of sounding like a complete thug, I have to […]

a minor correction

I got a link from my favorite music writer in the world today, and embarrassingly enough, I made a mistake in the email he is quoting. The father of the H-Bomb was Edward Teller, not Edmund. We regret the oversight.

A Correction

On Friday, Feb 10th, as part of my random ten iPod songs, I said the following: 2. Funky Drummer- James Brown: I once was in a band who were briefly courted by RCA Records back in the ’90s. The A&R guy was named Peter Lubin, and he had been around in A&R for years, and […]

Best. Correction. Ever.

From comes a list of 2004′s best corrections from print media. And this year’s best correction may be the best one ever… Holy cow…. Correction of the Year Perhaps the easiest pick of all for our round-up was this amazing correction from Kentucky’s Lexington Herald-Leader. On the 40h anniversary of the passing of the […]

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