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Oh yeah, I know all about that

“That’s when I started to feel helpless,” Armstrong said afterward, while being driven back to his hotel opposite Central Park. “I thought: Uh-oh, maybe I should have trained a little harder for this. I think I’m in trouble.” I think that EVERY year, Lance. I will never win 7 Tours de France, but I can […]

The Marathon and after

I have just woke up here in London, and we’re about to run out and practice some for tomorrow night’s show: Here is an excerpt from a letter I just sent to my step father: I did run the marathon, and fortunately, I did not die. I saw that guy lying by the road and […]

Race Day

The most anxious morning on the Runner’s Calendar. I was up at 5:50am. Got a nice phone call from the missus. Showered, put a generous coating of Aquaphor on all my parts that might chafe, and taped up the teats. (You’d be amazed how much one’s nipples will bleed in a race if they are […]

Tomorrow? Gonna be a long day

Up at six a.m. so that eponymous, my father and I can run 26.2 miles. This is my sixth marathon. This is eponymous’s first. He has trained with me all year until the last month, when I got too sick to run for three weeks. This last month has not been much for training. I […]

eleven days and one hell of a wakeup

I am starting to have dreams about the marathon. This happens every year, I don’t know why I am letting it freak me out today. OK, yes I do. I was on track this year to be more prepared for the marathon than I have in the past four years. Eponymous and I were running […]

Here we go again!

I got this email today: Confirmation Dear [Patrick], YOU HAVE SUCCESSFULLY REGISTERED FOR THE 31st MARINE CORPS MARATHON. Better start running hard again. Any minute. Yep.

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