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Well, if it wasn’t dead before, it’s room temp now

you may have been wondering why this space has largely gone dark lately. I dunno, now that’s it’s fashionable to think the President is an idiot, I just don’t have the burning need to do political blogging. I have been debating continuing to just blog personal stuff- my entrance into the world of audio engineering […]

step one: confirm the problem before finding a solution

I knew that when I got to Europe, I was going to need cymbals. Backline companies over there have decided that cymbals are a bad bet, since they’re 1. the part of a drumset most likely to break, and 2. outrageously expensive in the UK. The cymbals I use for Music Hates You are massive, […]

health and travel update

“It’s allergies… don’t go get antibiotics… you’ve just got Fall allergies.” Please don’t say this to me ever again.  You know who you are.  In less than 48 hours, the antibiotics cleared up my “allergies” almost completely, also arresting the progress of the bronchitis and whatever other nastiness was happening in my chest.  I realize […]

A Little Bit About the Low Lows

the band with whom I am going to Europe is The Low Lows, and here is a brief excerpt from an email I sent SteveAudio last week when I got the news that I was onboard: melancholy rock band the Low Lows have asked me to be their drummer on their upcoming European tour. I […]

The problem of cymbals

So, yes, I have been rushing around trying to get ready for this trip. I got my passport mailed off, and also got the news that I will be better served by bringing my own cymbals. This is a problem on two levels- one is that the cymbals for Music Hates You are massive plates […]

more adventures in the life of a record

Music Hates You went to the Slayer concert at Hi-Fi Buys Amphitheatre last night to pass out postcards announcing the release of our new record. We handed out 1000 of them. (That’s all I could afford to print. It wasn’t cheap.) This sounds fairly simple on its face, but if we sort of unpack this […]

Does this podium make me look fat?

Actually, the podium looks like half a million free minutes of AOL. (photo by Spotted) That’s me yammering on about what an honor and a privilege it is for Music Hates You to be selected as the 2006 Flagpole Music Awards Best Punk/Hardcore band. from l-r: Noah- vocals and guitar. Hidden behind him is Big […]

Trying to push it over

One member of my band had to work Friday night, so we had no gig and really no way that we could practice unless it was between one and four am. Noah had to be up a on roof the next day (we’re all working six and seven day weeks right now in preparation for […]

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