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my heart is a little broken today

The smallish blonde person in the following photos is Courtney Gale.   I bought my house from Courtney and her friend Lisa.  She’s a very sweet woman and I like her very much.  Unfortunately, this is what happened to her:  Officer stabbed while working off duty at supermarket An Athens-Clarke police officer remained in critical condition […]

Accidental Poetry entry number…. whatever…

There’s an ongoing topic on a bulletin board at the Electrical Studios site.  The topic is “Little Details from Your Day.”  I only started reading it an hour ago, and this jumped out at me instantly. I got home about midnight and parked my car down the block. Just in front of where I parked […]

Are people really this stupid?

Someone put a freakin’ TV in the breakroom here at work. Since I don’t spend much time in there except to buy Nekots or peanuts from the vending machine, then it hasn’t really affected my life all that much. I don’t have a TV at home, so I am hardly EVER exposed to commercials. Today, […]

I wish I had the money and time

and that the Euro wasn’t knocking the dogshit out of the dollar, because this makes me want to travel. My wife has never been to Europe.

Some images that make me happy

Just randomly combing through my images folder today, and finding old pictures. Here’s one: That’s Buddha and my wife. He’s being crabby and she’s being sweet. Business as usual. I miss this place. Best place I ever lived: Notice the shady oak tree, the lake in the background, happy chow welcoming me home and the […]

The Mechanics of Moving On

( city life )

Oh man, is it expensive to move OUT of the city. We have been checking into our options as far as trucks are concerned, and we are getting quotes of roughly twice what it cost us to move here. And it’s been just one year. Then there’s the whole issue of getting someone to sublet […]

Moving On

( city life )

Well, today was the last day at work at medicore job number four hundred and something. Hell, I have lost count. We have decided that, with the impending arrival of thousands of out of work stewardesses and baggage losing persons headed for the jobless lines in the city that we live in, we are heading […]

Ah, ma petite fleur….

( city life )

Wow. I have a great dog, and I love him. He’s been a good guy to have around during some of the more trying events of the past couple of years of my life. But he can be a handful. He tends to be very protective- sometimes aggressive with strangers, very keen on running off […]

Tornadoes and Beverage Technology

( city life )

My lovely girlfriend and I went to see her parents yesterday in a little college town in a neighboring state. Pretty little town, but there was one hell of a tornado there a few days before, and it was pretty intense in the way that I think only midwestern tornadoes are. There were plenty of […]

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