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Sebastien Grainger may be alright after all.

I actually really enjoyed Death from Above 1979, but the Pitchfork-axis jungle telegraph was all het up about whether or not Sebastien was a colossal prick or not.    I stumbled across Sebastien’s solo MySpace page today.   I have always thought he was a fantastic drummer, and I tried to model my duo group (with Zaxx from Music Hates You, alternately […]

How to get some of the music I’ve been raving about….

You can get the startlingly subtle and gorgeous ohbijou record here.  Shannon Wright’s new record is called “Let in the Light.”   Five-Eight’s only record available online is here.    Dead Confederate have an EP in the iTunes store here.    Band of Horses “Cease to Begin.”    Pylon has just re-released their classic album “Gyrate.”   You can walk into your local […]

The Indestructible Beat of Soweto

Today I am revisiting the “Indestructible Beat of Soweto, Vol. 1” that I got in the mail last year.  Released in 1986, it was a document of the vibrant and rocking music scene from the shanty clubs and party spots in the black villages and “homelands” of Apartheid-era South Africa.   As I have said here before, […]

This is where metal is going

You should check out the live footage of the Baroness show from the Bowery Ballroom.  I dig these guys.  Their idea of metal is much closer, I think, to Can than it is to someone like, say, Megadeath.  I think it’s a lot more interesting, this sort of improvisational metal.  However, it can get a little […]

Fountains of Spain

The Fountains of Wayne have announced their tour dates in 2008: 1.11.08   Murcia, Spain, EU   Murcia Auditorium 1.12.08   Valencia, Spain, EU   Mirror Club 1.14.08   Santiago, Spain, EU   DC Capitol 1.17.08   Madrid, Spain, EU   Joy Eslava 1.18.08   Bilbao, Spain, EU   Kafe Antzokia 1.19.08   Zaragoza, Spain, EU […]

Band of Horses

What can I tell you about Band of Horses? Here is everything that I know: They lived in Seattle for a number of years, then moved back to their hometown of Easley Motherfucking South Carolina. This is a move that i totally understand, both for pragmatic reasons and for more esoteric reasons. Band of Horses […]

Suddenly awash in new music, and I think it’s my responsibility to share

I am really enjoying ohbijou. I find them to be sort of orchestral pop without the kind of OHMIGODWE’RETHEMOSTIMPORTANTPOPBANDEVER!!!! presentation of Arcade Fire. Don’t get me wrong, I see where Arcade Fire are going, but I think ohbijou is a little more subtle and lovely. I suspect that I will be just as into ohbijou […]

Back with Music Hates You

I got back to Atlanta on Wednesday, got to bed at two a.m, or so, then was up the next morning and back to the Day Job. Hi, boss! Eight a.m.? No Problem! After work, I met up with Music Hates You and we went back to Atlanta to play the Drunken Unicorn with Hope […]

The trip home

After the Costa Mesa Massacre, Tricia and I sat in the back of the bus and talked about everything that went wrong and how frustrating it was for her to try to undo the damage and slip past security at the same time. It’s gotta be tough being a woman and a front of house […]

Why won’t you talk about Costa Mesa?

Well, because it was my least favorite show of the tour, thanks for asking. I can explain why, and it has nothing to do with the performances of the band members directly, but what happened to our monitor mix right before we went on… [UPDATE] I spoke to someone in the Furs organization yesterday and […]

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