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Sleeping in Billy’s Car

photos from the tour are up

I finally have photos posted on the web of the Low Lows tour. You can see them here. Do the slideshow- then you get full captions and larger pictures. Pictures I wish I had gotten but didn’t: the “all-squid, all the time” meal in Cartagena. (surprisingly FANTASTIC.) the Sacred Family Cathedral in Barcelona Keith’s Van […]

For your reading pleasure

SteveAudio was kind enough to send a link this way talking about my recent jaunt in Europe with the Low Lows. Since hacking one’s way backwards through WordPress means that all entries display in reverse chronological order, I have compiled all of my blog entries from that trip into one page, which you can read […]

Safe at home

and hanging with my dogs. It’s good to be home. Yesterday’s flight was a breeze after flying over to the UK the same day I ran the Marine Corps Marathon. I even got a little sleep on the plane. If you ever want to make a transatlantic flight go down nice and easy, grab a […]

These kinds of days

Today was a classic touring day- we drove all day just to get home. We made it to Clermont-Ferrand in France. This is a Michelin town- they make a lot of the tires here. It wasn’t much to look at in the dark. The high point of the day and the low point were just […]

¡ola! from the roof of the Gat Xino!

Tonight we are back in Barcelona. Originally we had a show here, but because of time constraints and travel issues for Parker, we handed it off to our friends in Barzin. I think we are going to try and get down to see their show, but we have to go uptown to pick up a […]

Let’s live here

This morning I woke up to the sound of children playing in the courtyard outside the window of the monastery. The building looked completely different in daylight. It must be 400 years old. The whole town up at the end where we slept is very old, and the buildings are made of white stone or […]

Benissa is the bomb

Oh, my…. all hail Benissa. This is my favorite town so far on the tour, and talk about a fountain of information on the Spanish Civil War. We staying in an old converted monastery which was also the official hospital of the International Brigades in Spain. Seriously. The whole town is very proud of it. […]

I have to admit, it’s getting better…

A little sleep can make a huge difference. We stayed at the Madrid Pop Hostel, which was a standard Hostel- four bunk beds and a rudimentary shower. After the Hotel Formula One, it seemed like paradise. Of course, we got there at 3 am and they had given our room to someone else, so they […]

Into every life… a little rain must fall

You may recall from my last entry a brief description of the Worst Hotel in the World™. I have some shocking news. It’s a chain. And guess where we stayed when we stopped in Bilbao last night. Yep. You betcha. It’s called the Hotel Formula One. I have no idea why, but I can speculate… […]

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