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Sebastien Grainger may be alright after all.

I actually really enjoyed Death from Above 1979, but the Pitchfork-axis jungle telegraph was all het up about whether or not Sebastien was a colossal prick or not.    I stumbled across Sebastien’s solo MySpace page today.   I have always thought he was a fantastic drummer, and I tried to model my duo group (with Zaxx from Music Hates You, alternately […]

Back with Music Hates You

I got back to Atlanta on Wednesday, got to bed at two a.m, or so, then was up the next morning and back to the Day Job. Hi, boss! Eight a.m.? No Problem! After work, I met up with Music Hates You and we went back to Atlanta to play the Drunken Unicorn with Hope […]

Who do you want to make your stuff?

and are you willing to pay the difference in price? This is footage shot inside the Zildjian plant. They make thousands of cymbals a week. Amazing technology for making perfect cymbals: and this is Robert Spizzichino, artisan cymbal maker from Italy: I like Spizz’s cymbals a lot, but they’re not durable enough to be Music […]

I feel like I have seen this photo somewhere before….

Even this guy’s mug shot is kind of boring and derivative. well, here’s hoping the forced bathings and time-away-from-drugs of rehab cure him of his noodle-dancing musical affectations.

Keep the X in Xmas

There’s a thread over at The Velvet Rope about the toxic effects of Christmas music, and what the worst Christmas song of all time might be. I have no strong opinion of what the worst might be.  I tend to hate all of it.  I am not a big fan of the Holiday, honestly.  My […]

Back out on the road

I honestly don’t know what got Willie Nelson so het up about it. Maybe it’s just because I am sick… again, and headed out on the road for four second hand smoke-filled days. And not to Benissa and Madrid and Brighton. Tonight is Spartanburg, South Carolina. Tomorrow is Winston-Salem, North Carolina. After that, Wilmington, NC […]

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