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Conversation with a British Person today

Transcript of an instant messaging conversation today: Patrick: god, people and their ringtones! Patrick: someone’s phone is out there playing one of the songs from an American Idol winner Patrick: and instead of answering it, she’s singing along!!!! Patrick: and your country doesn’t allow firearms! vick: Technically, we don’t really allow American Idol either. vick: […]

Make a reservation now, Athenians

If you’re going to try and see the Rose of Athens Theatre’s production of ‘The Bible, The Complete Word of God (abridged)’, you better move fast, since Friday is completely sold out and the Thursday and Saturday shows are getting full. Details: Shows with tickets remaining are Thursday 7 Dec (8pm) and Saturday 9 Dec […]

While we’re on the topic of May Day

And what it means to be a worker in the US, I think it’s worth mentioning that there are several great pieces of writing in the web about the disappearing working-middle class. First, it appears that Billmon gets a little misty-eyed about seeing working class people marching to protect their rights, just like me. Additionally, […]

If you need me on May 1st-

( have heroes andwork )

Don’t call my office. Pro-immigration activists say a national boycott and marches planned for May 1 will flood U.S. streets with millions of Latinos to demand amnesty for illegal immigrants and shake the ground under Congress as it debates reform. Such a massive turnout could make for the largest protests since the civil rights era […]

Bring it on home, Mr. Lee

Interesting article from the NY Times: SHENZHEN, China — Persistent labor shortages at hundreds of Chinese factories have led experts to conclude that the economy is undergoing a profound change that will ripple through the global market for manufactured goods. Hey, guys… y’know, I know some places in rural North Carolina where folks will work […]

Doing what I should have been doing all along

( work )

Today I am going to be taking a day off from work to mix the Music Hates You record. This also means that I will be taking time away from my internet connection, so, y’know, talk to you later? I might pop in over the course of the day. But mostly I will be busying […]

In the meantime, American students get serious about the cost of draft beer

and taking a break from drunken date rape to fall to their deaths from balconies. While, in Paris: Protests have turned violent in France as at least 250,000 people rallied against a controversial new labour law. … Protesters object to new two-year job contracts for under-26s which employers can break off without explanation. … Students […]

How was your day, hon?

Oh, about like this.

Slow weekend in Dartville

I have often made the mistake of assuming that if a replacement part for a car is cheap, then the repair itself is going to be a breeze. It’s a prejudice that makes no sense, unless you consider it in terms of major repairs: New transmission= very expensive part= very difficult replacement job. New motor? […]

Dodge Day Afternoon, pt. 3

What a thrilling weekend *I* had. Working on cars, rocking a house party, shooting guns, friends in from out of town… What follows is more auto geekery, and if you’re not into that, trust me- nothing that follows will be the slightest bit interesting. I took Friday off from work and went to work for […]

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