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It’s the little things that get me excited

This photo is a story- first, there’s a 35 pound watermelon. Yes, that’s 35 ACTUAL pounds of melon. I don’t know how I am going to chill a melon that large. I am probably gonna have to get some sort of washtub or something and 40 pounds of ice. In this photo is my 50 […]

Poop hauling

Spring is upon us, and Mrs. Dog and I have found a goldmine of good dirt for the garden. Some friends have taken over an old stable and way back in the back there was a large hill that was covered with brambles and thistle. After looking around and trying to figure out where the […]

Garden Update

Several folks have written me asking me for an update on the garden, so here goes: There are plenty of tomato blossoms and about a half dozen green tomatoes, but the only red tomatoes as of today are the cherry tomatoes. We are trying to be patient… There is plenty of mature basil and lots […]

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