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A reflection on the times

Years ago, I read London Fields by Martin Amis, and I recall being struck by how every transaction in the novel was corrupted- the street market was full of hustlers, the taxi driver ripped the main female character off I think, and the plumber was totally on the take. All of the manufactured goods in the novel […]

I find this moderately disturbing

I played a small role in helping to break this story. I used a screen capturing utility for OS X called iShowU to grab the video from the Christian Embassy site. Lambert emailed me via SteveAudio looking for a way to capture video from the Flash Movie on their site, since Flash Movies are embedded […]

They should charge Bill Frist as an accessory

I love living in a healthcare-free society. When are people going to start treating the shit healthcare afforded most Americans as a CRISIS? WAUKEGAN, Illinois (AP) — A coroner’s jury has declared the death of a heart attack victim who spent almost two hours in a hospital waiting room to be a homicide. Beatrice Vance, […]

Further thoughts on the Deadest Guy in the Room

Let’s just say, for a moment, that, y’know, maybe he’s NOT dead. Or maybe that’s he’s totally dead, after all, but it wasn’t a steady diet of prime rib and stress that did him in. Let your mind roam free from the Lies of the Liberal Media. (ahem) This is, I realize, full on tin-foil […]

All those “prayer breakfasts” for nothing.

I keep trying to think of something to say besides “Burn in hell, motherfucker.” Other titles I considered for this post: “The Deadest Guy in the Room” “Some Folks Will Do ANYTHING to Stay Out of Prison” “Guess we’ll never know about those Cheney Meetings now, will we?”

Somebody say something funny.

Or otherwise enlightening. I dunno. I am sort of skimming paragraphs that read like this: Busby lost by 4.5%, but it took the Republicans a lot of money to get it done. The good omen in the race seems to suggest that Busby had a shift of 18% her way from the last time she […]

Well, I think I will have a cigar in their dishonour.

Skilling and Lay, or as they will soon be known, Trixie and Layla, found guilty on multiple counts. The Enron jury just came back with its verdict. Ken Lay has been found guilty of all six of his jury trial counts, as well as having been found guilty of banking fraud charges in a bench […]

More trouble in Harlan County

What’s up with all the mine explosions and cave-ins lately? There’s more trouble in Harlan County- Saturday’s explosion was the deadliest mining incident in the state since 1989, when 10 miners died in a western Kentucky mine blast, state officials said. The national death toll from coal mining accidents is now 31 this year, with […]

pssssssssssst… hey buddy….

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Hayden tarred with the same brush as Goss?

General Michael V. Hayden may have some connections to the same scandal that (probably) brought down his predecessor. Hayden, shown here in an undated photo: according to TPM Muckraker: contracted the services of a top executive at the company at the center of the Cunningham bribery scandal, according to two former employees of the company. […]

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