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Archive for November, 2002

Ah, ma petite fleur….

Wow. I have a great dog, and I love him. He’s been a good guy to have around during some of the more trying events of the past couple of years of my life. But he can be a handful. He tends to be very protective- sometimes aggressive with strangers, very keen on running off […]

Why it’s called Drudgery and Treachery

( work )

Well, damn if it didn’t happen again- laid off/fired/made redundant at another mediocre job. The tech economy in this frozen city is just horrifyingly stilted. I was lucky enough to get hired to build a server and set up a small internal network at this company, the one that just sacked me. Unix server, handfull […]

Tornadoes and Beverage Technology

My lovely girlfriend and I went to see her parents yesterday in a little college town in a neighboring state. Pretty little town, but there was one hell of a tornado there a few days before, and it was pretty intense in the way that I think only midwestern tornadoes are. There were plenty of […]

the Wasuvi

My girlfriend works in the northen suburbs. She works at a giant chain bookstore up there in one of those malls with a Saks and a bunch of tony restaurants all around it where you can eat french-fried frozen calimari after a long day of recreational shopping. My lovely girlfriend is an actress and I […]

Ah, city life….

I guess that I had been living in the City for about six weeks when I heard what I thought were fireworks in the park across the street from my apartment. It was the Saturday before Labor Day, so it wasn’t so unreasonable to think that there was someone shooting off bottle rockets or something […]

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