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Archive for December, 2002

eFax and Me

I sent this email: Dear Customer Support- There seems to be some sort of problem with the sign up page for the eFax free service. I have been trying to sign up for the free service, but I keep getting sent back to the sign up page by the confirmation email that I am receiving. […]

not everybody loves the guy-

Recently, I wrote in this space how much I enjoyed recording with Steve Albini and I sang the praises of his work style and his studio. Turns out there are some different opinions of the guy and his operation out there. So, in the interest of full disclosure, I am printing excerpts from an email […]

Recording with Steve Albini

( work )

Ended up recording a session yesterday with the infamous producer, Steve Albini. Revered by some, reviled by others, the man and his studio are an interesting realization of a set of DIY ideals. Interesting things about the Steve Albini recording experience: 1. The studio is fucking amazing. And in there it’s always 1975, technology-wise. There […]

My Oil Addiction

Odd thing happened last night. I was at a play here in the city, and we got there early. Some people we knew were involved in the production of the play, and we were chatting. We decided to nip out for a hot cup of coffee while we waited for the curtain to rise. I […]

The Mechanics of Moving On

Oh man, is it expensive to move OUT of the city. We have been checking into our options as far as trucks are concerned, and we are getting quotes of roughly twice what it cost us to move here. And it’s been just one year. Then there’s the whole issue of getting someone to sublet […]

Moving On

Well, today was the last day at work at medicore job number four hundred and something. Hell, I have lost count. We have decided that, with the impending arrival of thousands of out of work stewardesses and baggage losing persons headed for the jobless lines in the city that we live in, we are heading […]


( work )

I have a quick question- what happened to work? There was a time, I think, when a job was a job. Somebody correct me if I am wrong here, but as I have read in texts from the last century, one used to sell one’s labor in exchange for one’s bread. A day’s work for […]

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