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Archive for January, 2003

Welcome to Airstrip One

This is so brilliant that I felt like I needed to reproduce it in its entirety on my own weblog, but let me give credit where it is due- It is lifted verbatim from my favorite weblog, Scary Duck, winner of the Best British Weblog 2001, as decided by the readers of the Machester Guardian. […]

Country Life

First lesson of life lived in a cabin: Well pumps break. Especially when the temperature gets down around 5. Then stuff freezes, and the well pump breaks. I was had a real Green Acres moment when my girlfriend got out of bed on an ice cold morning and said to me, “The toilet won’t flush.” […]

we made it

Well, we made it out of the cold, treacherous city that we were living in. Our plan was to get out of there sometime the afternoon of December 31st, but we spent more time packing than we expected and ended up driving out of the city as the fireworks were bursting in the sky over […]

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