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Archive for June, 2003

Ye Gods…

It’s been ten, no… ten? Yeah, it’s been at least ten years since I stayed up all night writing a paper. But I did it last night, and y’know, I don’t feel half bad today. I feel ALL THE WAY bad. House guests, building projects (stay tuned for the world’s coolest dog house), bad weather […]

Normally, I wouldn’t repeat this….

But every time I think about it, I start giggling… Somebody was telling me this the other day- can’t remember who told me or who the perpertrator was- but the story goes like this: There was a guy who had a roommate who had a cat. Guy 1 is not a big cat fan, and […]

Oh, Wicked Traitorous Me

Well, Ann Coulter has found me out. In her new book, Treason, she equates liberalism with treason and defends poor old Joe McCarthy’s unfairly sullied reputation. (Poor, poor old Joe McCarthy- he wasn’t destroying people’s lives on a political whim after all, he was just trying to defend his country from the Red Menace.) And […]

The Orwell Century

I have tried three times to put up a post about how today would have been George Orwell’s 100th birthday. The first time I was vicitmized by a villianously unstable windows machine in the lab where I “work.” It had a wheezy, creaky old version of IE (bleh…) on it that choked on any kind […]

Tell It Like It Is

Speak the truth to power. Glenn over at Hi! I’m Black! is speaking the truth about Affirmative Action, ladies and gentlemen. My favorite excerpt: [snip] You know what else I think is absolutely hilarious? The notion that white people (white men in particular) are somehow being shafted or are being treated unfairly. Sure, if you […]

Never Say Ouch

Had friends in for the weekend and I forced them to come out with me and pick blackberries. We picked about two gallons. The blackberries are ripening so fast, and the weather has been so perfect for them, that they are falling off of the vines. Some of them are so huge and fat that […]

The Chicken Letters

From a letter between my dad and his friend Daryl, the chicken farmer and alligator rancher- Chuck, Tell Patrick that all his worries will come to pass. When you are dumb and slow and on the bottom of the food chain, your life expectancy is short. About the rooster, he can be a blessing and […]

I Have New Boots

( work )

I am singing a new song today- It goes “I have new boots, I have new boots, la-la-la, I have new boots.” For my birthday, my lovely and talented girlfriend bought me a new pair of workboots, and they are some fine, fine things. Tom Joad would be proud. (if you don’t know who Tom […]

Feeding the Trolls

Keerist, I have been wasting a lot of time feeding the trolls down there. Seems I riled a couple of them. I want to make some of my feelings a little more clear for those of you that don’t have any inclination to wade through all the invective and personal insults. I would like to […]

Come Back to Life Soup

L. and I both got sick this week, and we have been feeling pretty puny since it passed. It was a stomach thing, so we are both kind of dehydrated and worn out. When we were living in Chicago, we both got sick once and I went to the store to get some ingredients and […]

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