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Archive for July, 2003

Achilles in Viet Nam

I am about 40 pages into the most shattering book. The book is called Achilles in Viet Nam. It’s written by Jonathan Shay. Shay is a psychiatrist specializing in treating Vietnam veterans with chronic post-traumatic stress syndrome. If you remember the Iliad from high school literature class, you will recall that Achilles, betrayed by his […]

Ai, mi corazón.

Val Prieto’s dog has died. Val is a good guy, and while he and I don’t always see eye to eye on things political, we do agree on a few things: 1. Cuban food is better. 2. The chow/lab mix is the way to go. 3. There is no better friend in the world for […]

Done with exams

Damn, it’s nice to be done with exams. I can finally have free time again where I am not thinking “I should be studying.” Now, about that job…. This teacher shortage that we keep hearing about may be limited to semi-urban and urban areas. There sure doesn’t seem to be a shortage around here. I […]

I fixed it…

Wow, was that a pain in the ass. My blog has been down for two days while I worked on Finals- I knew something was wrong, I just didn’t know how to fix it. Started messing around on the command line with permissions and finally got it to work. Gotta run now. Feel free to […]


Hey, check it out- a bamboo bike.

What Max said

Former Senator Max Cleland is calling out the Bush White House for delaying the 9/11 Commission’s report to suppress the inconvenient fact that the link between Iraq and Al Qaeda and 9/11 was, as Colin Powell so succinctly put it, “Bullshit!” He was quoted extesively by the UPI yesterday:(as excerpted here.) “”The reason this report […]

“I’m not reading this…”

Coin Powell tells it like it is…. Don’t make me read this….

Give my creation….LIIIIIIIFE

Looks like we’re back on the air. Thanks, Adrock.

Hard Drives

Wow, the price of hard drives has just plummeted. I am probably the last person to figure this out, but I am looking at two hard drives right now. One is for my wonky (s)laptop- 20gb for $99. The other is for an old PowerMac 8500 that I am going to put linux on and […]

What happens if…?

Doing some serious thinking this morning. For once I got eight hours of sleep and then had three cups of coffee. The Report on the 9-11 Hijackings has been (for the most part) made public, and there are plenty of pundits chewing on it. It appears from what I have been hearing that large chunks […]

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