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You can’t know the players

If you don’t have a program. Here (in my humble opinion) is the best concise summation of events in the Wilson/Plame/Rove affair. If you need further clarification of the topics involved, he follows with this, a refutation of the selective minimization of the issues that People Who Want This Thing to Just Go Away are […]

Let’s get to the bottom of this, shall we?

Wherever you find yourself in the discussion of the allegations against the White House that have arisen this week, surely you want to see a speedy and complete review of these charges by an independent party, right? You wouldn’t want the taint of a partisan, John Ashcroft-led Justice Department to incompletely clear the reputations of […]

The Moja has Landed

Ladies and gentlemen, my man on the inside is home. Turning Tables has been one of my favorite blogs for its unflinching and detailed peek into daily life for a soldier in Iraq, but his time in Iraq is up, he has served with honor, and he is now back in the U.S.S.A. Welcome home. […]

Why does the Author of “We were Soldiers Once…” Hate America?

Joseph Galloway, author of the book “We were Soldiers Once, and Young” and the senior military correspondent for Knight Ridder Newspapers, thinks Don Rumsfeld is on pace to destroy the United States Army. An excerpt from the article: Armies are fragile institutions, and for all their might, easily broken. It took the better part of […]

Why does Newsweek Hate America?

This is the first paragraph in their latest article about the reconstruction of Iraq: Last February, retired Lt. Gen. Jay Garner was trying to put together a team of experts to rebuild Iraq after the war was over, and his list included 20 State Department officials. The day before he was supposed to leave for […]

Fresh Legs

This story has started to move so fast that it seems to be updating as fast as I can refresh my browser. Josh Marshall and Atrios are my two information nexuses (nexi?) for this. They are provided updated insider information and informed specualation (Josh) and a roundup of all the information available on the web […]

The Joys of Privatization

Remember how old editions of the New York Times had a bold headline, then a slightly smaller headline, and then the body of the story- I picture this story that way: The big headline: Edison Schools a Dismal Failure: Schools Languish in Puddles of Underfunded Misery then the smaller headline: Bush Family Pal/Head of Company […]

Anybody want to take a shot?

I checked the comments section of my blog this morning only to find a rather obnoxious ad for Penis Enlargement products tacked onto a six month old entry. Does this mean that someone has discovered a way to spam the comments of MT-based weblogs? Is that obnoxious or what? Just in case anyone is interested […]

Bricks are heavy

The brick that actually said “Thank you, Jesus” got lost when it was thrown at a doctor at a Tacoma Women’s Clinic.

Is it still “news”?

Okay, they call it “news” because it’s information that one did not have before, and is therefore new. Right? So, what do we call this? Why didn’t someone tell us this before? We had no idea! Did someone finally wake up at cnnfn? I picture Lou Dobbs in his $1000 suit, wiping his sleepy eyes […]

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