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Other stuff

I really want to finish the Marine Corps Marathon narrative while it’s still fresh, but I have a friend in from the U.K. and we are working on a screenplay, so I am a little preoccupied. I will try to get it done before the end of the day. -p

Capitol Hill the Hard Way

One of the things that is remarkable about following roughly half the pack of a marathon through a water point is that there is a carpet of empty water cups on the ground. Somehow they have found a vendor for these cups that makes a waxed-paper cup that isn’t slippery when it is wet and […]

Sweat, blood and Aquaphor.

There’s the whole peeing thing. On the way to running a marathon, if one is smart one has totally overloaded on water and some soft of carbohydrated sports drink, preferably not Gatorade. (all the sugar in sports drinks makes it difficult for you to absorb the electrolytes. Ultima is a good alternative, though it tastes […]

Soon, soon…

I am going to try and get a little rest before I do the whole “this is what running a marathon is like…” entry. I can tell you that it’s still pretty hard to walk and that I am probably going to lose a toenail before it’s all over. I got a pretty wicked blister […]


Well, I did it- finished my third marathon and survived. It was about as positive as an experience can be and still be that painful. My legs are thrashed. Going up and down stairs is agonizing. I don’t even have the energy to sit in chairs. I am lying in bed as I type this. […]

13 hours in a car? SIGN ME UP!

Today is the day that David Strain and my lovely and talented girlfriend load up in the old ottomobile (it’s German) and head for our nation’s capital so that my pops and I can have out little annual torture ritual. Wish all three of us luck (getting there in a 20 year-old car) and well, […]

Uh, what?

I think that maybe I have been in Norbizness’ ashtray too much or something…. I know that there was a post on my twin brother’s blog anouncing a fun and interesting multi-blog cross-talk interview ping-fest this weekend. I went to link back to it for the interview below and it’s gone? I know that I […]

there’s norbizness like, uh….

OK- Opening shot in the cross-blog-interview-lovefest. In this corner, we have Austin, Texas’ finest, Norbizness. Since the two of us agree on anything and everything involving politics and sports, I decided to interview him on things of or relating to his hometown, the live music capital of the United States, Austin, Texas. 1. Who has […]

Well, what else was I going to do?

I saw this headline on CNN this morning and reminded me of something that happened back when I was married: “Brain-damaged woman’s husband allows parents’ visit” I clicked the story only to find out that another Bush family member was meddling in someone else’s life, but for a second, I flashed back six years…

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