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Archive for November, 2003

Origin of the term

If you’ve been wondering where the term “whistle-ass” came from for President Flight Suit, just go here. Working people make me so much more proud to be an American than cretinous former CEOs shoulder deep in the public trough. Sally Baron was born in Hurley, Wis., and spent nearly her entire life in the timber […]

A Tempest in the Tube

Over at Atrios, there’s a flurry of I-troll-you/you-troll-me entries on his comment board over this entry in Nathan Newmans blog. I skimmed it, just to see what all the smoke and noise was about. And it’s about TV. Jesus, folks. That box in your living room is a font of misrepresentations, oversimplifications, just plain lies […]


An English friend of mine recently asked another English friend this question (and I overheard): “Thanksgiving? What are they giving thanks for?” Besides the obvious answer (that we don’t have to live in England) (I kid the English….), I chimed in that it’s pretty subjective, really…. Me? My cup runneth over, for sure.

At Least a Year

Well, I know that it has been at least a year since I started this thing, because I am now back at the house where the whole skunk incident happened last year at Thanksgiving. Interesting how the tone and style of the blog has changed in the last year. Originally I recall that I was […]

Back to my life

Well, the director goes back to the airport in the morning. I have been deep in creative work for three and a half weeks now, and I just hate the thought of going back to normal life. I don’t know how much I have written in the last three days as we prepare the last […]

Like waking from a deep sleep

I am rubbing my eyes and sipping coffee. I hope that my friends and companions that check this space regularly don’t feel like I have abandoned them. I have been so deeply immersed in the process of screenplay writing that I have not had time for any of the other stuff that I do. We […]

Note to self

Don’t dump soy milk on the keyboard of your powerbook. Seems to be working okay, maybe a little sticky. That’s no way to start the day. Anybody have any suggestions on how to clean a slightly sticky laptop keyboard?

more fun with foreigners

Egad, this is genius. You must go read this, though please pardon the mildly offensive banner at the top of the page to get to the sincerely offensive story beneath. Notice that in all of the pictures of Le Petomane (trans.- “the Fartiste”), he is standing in this pose: Clearly, he is saying “Pull my […]

halloween in athens

Scott Sosebee has posted kick-ass pictures from Halloween in Athens on his website. How could you not miss a town that goes for Halloween with such enthusiasm? Bonus! (for me, anyway)- No pictures of my ex-wife!

fun with foreigners

You ever want to see something fun, take an Englishman to Wal-Mart. Especially if it’s one of those giant Wal-Marts, with groceries and everything. There was definitely a slack-jawed, not sure how to proceed moment for him. It’s just too much to process all at once if you’re not prepared for it. (I wonder if […]

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