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It Ain’t Over ’til it’s Over, Unca Karl

Frog March! Frog March! Frog March! Frog March! Frog March! Frog March!

Oh, I didn’t see this coming.

Not at all. I mean, who would have predicted it? The e-voting companies have had such tight security up to this point, who would have thought that someone would have compromised their network?

Short odds

These people are going to die by the score. Either that or they’re going to be kidnapped and beaten like someone else’s mule. Is there any way that any of you can think of that we can make money off of this? It’s just such a sure thing… Few things in life have this level […]

I Feel Safer Already

Guy steals a bus, drives it right up to the airport. (He didn’t stop to pack it full of explosives because he was just some knuckleheaded drunk with too much free time.) ‘Nother guy flies his plane around the Statue of Liberty a couple of times. Heightened security? Just another day in a country on […]

Judith Miller’s at it again

Her credibility not sufficiently squandered on Ahmed Chalabi, she reignites American paranoia about anthrax by citing statistics from tabletop crisis modeling. This operation was called “Scarlet Cloud.” Seriously, who names these operations for Bushco? Is there some retired heavy metal guy kept in a closet in the White House? (Possibly one of eastern European or […]

Required Reading

I am glad that Josh Marshall and I see eye-to-eye on most things, because the guy is so razor sharp that it’s a little frightening. His deconstruction of Abe Foxman’s essay on the Geneva Accords is so lightning-quick and on target that now BOTH are required reading: Abe Foxman. Josh Marshall. Interesting how criticism of […]

These people…

These people should start a club…. really. The hypocrisy of Rush Limbaugh’s attorney is just breathtaking. Roy Black has been doing the rounds of the morning shows screeching about Limbaugh’s right to privacy and the importance of protecting Rusty’s medical records from the light of day. Now don’t get me wrong, as much as I […]

The Ideas of 2003

The New York Times rates the most underrated and overrated ideas of 2003. Guess what- Capitalism is overrated and honesty is underrated. Well, they could have asked me and gotten the same answer….. Interesting starting points for some great debates. It’s required reading tonight, folks…

Political Reporting 101

The fact that this article even has to be written is kind of disturbing. For one thing, there are lots of anecdotes, and it’s much too easy to report only those that reinforce the reporter’s prejudices. The approved story line about Mr. Bush is that he’s a bluff, honest, plain-spoken guy, and anecdotes that fit […]

Hey, Merry Christmas!

I waited all day to even mention it… Just to spread a little holiday cheer, I thought I would hip you guys to what it’s like to be a true compassionate conservative. Nothing like taking one person’s experience with one single-mom (who probably has a substance abuse problem and a history of being sexually abused) […]

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