The Greatest thing on the Internet

Probably the best thing on the internet, Dub Selector has been hiding down there at the bottom of my Cool Sites list since I started this thing. If you haven’t been there, turn up your speakers and steer over there. Plan on wasting some time, though.

My favorite is still Dub Selector 8, though the new one is pretty cool…

Well, that explains it…

David Frum says “itÃs becoming increasingy difficult to doubt that God wants President Bush re-elected.”

You have no idea how painful root beer is when it gets into your sinus cavity. I know this now. God clearly wanted David Frum to remind me that there are people in this country that are a half step away from naked ignorance and superstition. Did I say a half-step away?

It’s also becoming increasingly difficult to doubt that God wanted my dog to poop in the corner Sunday morning. Why, God, why?

Did you hear about this?

This guy’s seven pitt bulls attacked and killed an 82 year old woman this week? They got out of his yard and mauled this poor lady. Killed her.

Now they’re bringing him up on charges.

The guy’s name was Ronald Reagan. The little old lady was the people of Iraq. And the pitt bulls? Well. the 82nd Airborne got to play dog catcher, this time. Other pitt bulls- The Shah of Iran, Augusto Pinochet, Anastasio Samoza, Ferdinand Marcos, Jose Napolean Duarte, Papa and Baby Doc Duvalier…

He was a good dog until he got loose, I tell ya. Gassin’ those Iranians was what we were keeping him for. Once he got off that chain, though, he got a little crazy.

Now, about those charges….


The US Military caught Saddam! What excellent news.

It’s nice that they’re trying him in Iraq for the crimes that he committed there. Really, he should be tried and punished by the people who have suffered under his rule the most. I sorta kinda wanted him to be tried in the US, so there would be plenty of reporters there when he was asked “And where did you get the nerve gas, Mr. Hussein?”

“Well, this man came bearing gifts from Ronald Reagan…”

Actually, that’s misleading- In the interest of full disclosure, I should say that Rumsfeld popped by Saddam’s place well after he had used nerve gas against the Iranians, the Kurds, against the neighbor’s dog that barked all night….

Is Dean McGovern?

You’re a moron for thinking that, but thanks for playing.

Their strongest similiarity is that McGovern had strong misgivings about the war in Viet Nam, and Dean has similar concerns about the war in Iraq. The average NeoConMan is quick to point out that McGovern’s opposition cost him the 1972 election. Never mind that he was clearly RIGHT. (Thanks for the reminder, Jesse. Also, thanks for the lemon juice tip.) PS- Need I remind anyone that what the country got instead of a pro-peace president was another four years two? years of Nixon before he got shown the door. Yay, War! It makes the country SO much better.

Here is some evidence. Shut your pie-hole and read.

Stupid or evil?

Pick one.

Understanding “Reagan’s Bind” as explained by Slacktivist.

With Halliburton sitting on top of one of the world’s massive oil supplies and charging twice what I pay for it in Georgia and no one saying “Boo” until $67 million of taxpayers’ money had been wasted on the overcharge, I am voting for option B.

Another Diebold Revelation

Another hack attack on Diebold’s huge and loosely guarded database of ALL OF THE COMPANY’S EMAIL BACKUP (sheesh) has revealed that they have every intention of stonewalling the state of Maryland in their request to install some sort of hard copy tracking system. Atricle here.

Two thoughts:

1. Why is that some script kiddie with some time on his hands can bust into the entire email correspondence record of the company that is creating the machinery to facilitate the very SOUL OF OUR DEMOCRACY? What kind of scam are these jackasses running? Are they just incompetent or do they just not care?

2. Why is it that they know (and we see this in much of their in-house communication) that they can count on protection from powerful Republicans?
When threatened with having to answer continued questions from Maryland state elections official Linda Lamone, the internal comment from a Diebold emplyee was “There’s not much that we can do, other than hope that a new Republican Governor will effect change.”

Aviel D. Rubin, a Johns Hopkins University computer scientist who wrote a report earlier this year that found the Diebold machines to be riddled with potential security holes, has advocated for voter-verified receipts. Without such a check on the machines, he said, errors or fraud could go undetected. Rubin’s report prompted Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. (R) to ask for an independent investigation by SAIC Corp., which affirmed that the system was “at high risk of compromise.”

This, in and of itself, should merit an investigation.