Oh, and…

It’s all over but the cough, thanks for asking. The cough, however, is a beast. It got me out of bed at five am. I know that LTGF is tired of me shaking the bed trying to cough my guts out while she tries to sleep, so I stood in the bathroom coughing so hard that I ended up throwing up. (Ever do that? Wow, is THAT unpleasant…)

Big cup of tea with honey and lemon (which is EXACTLY how I don’t like…) and I was back in bed by six thirty.

Maybe tonight I will finally get some sleep.

Ya know what rocks?

Get yourself a pack of these. (Get the ones with pits. The pitted ones aren’t as good. I don’t know why.) You’re gonna need two knives- a really sharp one and one suitable for spreading peanut butter.

Use the sharp knife to cut out the pit, and then use the other one to fill the void with peanut butter. In your hot little hand, you now hold my favorite snack in the world.

I am saving the pits. I don’t know if it’s possible to grow dates in Georgia, but I am going to try.

Lord knows if this is good for you or not. It’s so good that I am guessing NOT.


This column pretty much sums up my feelings about the whole hit job the SCLM tried to do on Mrs. Howard Dean two weeks ago. What year is it, folks? The woman has a career…

Stop asking her to be a vapid twit. Cookies, anyone? How about a nice, hot plate of Fuck you, I’m busy and I have a life?

poor little four-cyl.

My poor little Mazda pickup is having to pull a 5×8 UHaul trailer up to Athens, tomorrow. I loaded it tonight and then took it out to the highway to see how it handled the strain. It gets from A to B, but not cheerfully. There’s a couch, a buffet (which will double as the place where the TV, the stereo and the entertainment computer (mp3s, streaming web programming) will sit in the living room), a bed, the minimum kitchen supplies and some clothes in it. Poor thing is not loving hills right now.

Big day Monday- first day at the new job. I am not sure what the dress code is, but I think that I will try to not underdress for the first day of work. When I walk through, though, there are the usual computer geek guys wearing shorts in January, though I don’t know if they are in the same department as me. (What’s with the fat guy in shorts in mid-winter thing? Anyone have any ideas about what’s up with that? Kim Du Toit? Anyone?)

I feel like I am going on a weird indoor camping trip- away from my little family and into new place with just the minimum of supplies. Anyone in Athens that wants to come by and help me unload a couch tomorrow night gets a roasted marshmellow. Seriously.

Georgia rocks so hard

Oh, yeah… I am SOOOO glad to hear that we are removing the word “Evolution” from the state’s curriculae. The word “Evolution” is being replaced with “biological changes over time.”

We’re turning the study of the origins of man into something about menopause. How did this happen?

Georgia Secretay of Education Kathy Cox proves herself to be either a moron or a nutjob quite skillfully in the article above. (Go ahead, follow the link. I’ll wait.)

I also heard her on the radio today babbling incoherently about “monkeys turning into men.”

From the above article:

“This wasn’t so much a religion vs. science, politics kind of issue,” Cox said. “This was an issue of how do we ensure that our kids are getting a quality science education in every classroom across the state.”


Here’s a secret:

I am SO FUCKING relieved that I didn’t end up teaching high school under this moron.


As much as I would like for some random stranger to buy that $300 Zaurus Handheld for me, I have decided that I just can’t imagine what it would be like to have someone spend that kind of money for me and not get anything in return. Too emotionally complicated.

On the other hand, I have decided that an alternative course of action is in order. As of about the middle of next week, I will have a a static ip at my new place in Athens. I don’t know what domain I am going to point there, yet, but I will think of something.

I will set up a web server (a fairly limited one, probably) and either just use basic html or have an open MT logon that allows folks with stuff to trade (old computers, books, other stuff) post announcing that they have this, that and the other, and would like to have these, those and them.

Eventually, I would like to write some sort of php script that allows users to log on and post their own entries, but php and I only just met.

Unfortunately, I just traded my old Powermac 8600 for a larger hard drive for a different machine- that would have been an ideal web server. I am sure that another suitable machine will turn up… I think that there might be one sitting on the floor of my stepfather’s office as we speak.

Any suggestions are hereby solicited.

Can’t decide

I went and set up an Amazon wish list, but never freed the monster to roam around in public… Not just because I didn’t have a mailing address in Athens until this morning, but because I can’t decide how I feel about the whole concept. Maybe if my birthday was coming up or something…

But I would feel this huge responsilbility to find a way to pay back anyone that sprang (sprung? springed?) for anything on the list just because I announced that it was something that I might like.

I mean, I jumped in and got Atrios a couple of things when his laptop went belly up and he needed a new machine. And I threw some money on the pile when my brother put up aPayPal link, but both of them had compelling events that sort of pushed them to solicit for some help- the implosion of Atrios’ laptop and the vandalism of David’s HTBF’s car.

Can’t decide. I think I might leave the thing in the lab. On the other hand, it would be nice to get a little present in the mail every now and then… not that you’re getting your money’s worth here… maybe if I was handing out more sound tech advice…

I am going to sleep on it.

somewhat better, thanks for asking

Yes, I am starting to feel a little better. Thanks for you emails and nice comments. A day in front of the fireplace and sipping tea has gone a long way towards healing this sick person. Add to that the undivided attention of my dogs and not much else to do, and today has been a good one overall.

I have a new address, apparently. I got my phone turned on in my new house, today. I am going to have to go buy a new cordless phone. I am getting dsl, so that I can host a little site there at the house- more to explore the world of apache and web hosting than anything else. Plus there’s ssh and port forwarding to experiment with. Two weeks of living by myself is going to lead to some serious geek time.

Power, water, gas. All that stuff. Now I just have to put myself in there.

Starting the new job

I start the new job on Monday. It’s worth mentioning that for the past five years, as new viruses have popped up- Melissa, SoBig, Slapper, and now MyDoom- I have checked to make sure that my machines weren’t vulnerable (and none of them have been) and then quietly thanked the fates while gloating that it’s nice to be a mac user and not have these problems. Windows problems have lived in that file in my head marked S.E.P. (Someone else’s problem….)

Well, as of Monday, that all changes. Monday is the first day of the rest of my life- as a Help Desk guy… and part of my job is going to be going out on campus and fixing the machines that got infected by this latest virus. *sigh*

Now I can start hating Windows from a very personal and upclose perspective. Whee…

What they mean…

when they say “dry, unproductive cough,” is this spasmic hack that keeps one awake all night. (LTGF did not brain me with a fireplace tool, though I am sure that the thought crossed her mind at some point during the night…)

I hate to keep blogging about this cold, but since I can’t seem to get anything else done this week, it’s the only news.