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Oh, my….

Morning at the Yelladog compund- a little coffee, a little homemade granola… Watching the dog chase squirrels in the yard… (That’s the young dog. The old guy, he doesn’t chase much of anything any more. Yawning and scratching myself, I open the ol’ web browser only to find… Dave Tepper at ╔ěInterrobang!? and all of […]


I love cartoons. Don’t you? one two three four five six seven eight nine anyone got one more to make it an even ten?

And then there’s this…

Why is it that President Bush is only taking a “serious look” at what is going on in San Francisco? Bush ought to be sending in the National Guard to San Francisco to immediately restore the order of law and the thousands of years of history underlying the most valued institution of marriage. -Attorney(!!) Richard […]

More Upside

The last two days, notwithstanding (icy and wet, ugh) bicycle commuting is starting to look better and better. As it stands, my bike is one of two on the bike rack at work. That’s with regular unleaded at $1.57. I wonder what’s going to happen when it breaks $2.00. What about $3.00?

Speaking of Movies for Lent

We’re watching the Life of Brian tonight. You?

Sister Betty Explains it all for You

From Sister Betty Bower’s review of The Jesus Christ Chainsaw Massacre (aka- Crouching Saviour, Hidden Agenda): “I’m proud that I live in a country where witnessing two hours of bloody, barbarous torture in gloating detail is considered indicia of religious piety, whereas a mere second gazing upon a woman’s breast is cause for outraged apoplexy.”

w00t! Snow day!

I have reaffirmed my loyalty to the great southern tradition of Snow Panic. It snowed about an inch and half here last night, and the town is shut down. The university where I work is closed and that means a day of sipping coffee and BFB. (blogging from bed.) So there’s a little wind and […]

Another Left-Wing wacko

Guess who said this: “Indeed, on putting down [neo-conservative strategist Richard] Perle├s new book the thought recurs: the neoconservative moment may be over. For they are not only losing their hold on power, they are losing their grip on reality. An End to Evil: How to Win the War on Terror opens on a note […]

the upside

there’s an upside to bicycle commuting, too….

A conservative responds

My friend John is a dyed-in-the-wool, shot (twice!) in service of his country, gun-toting, Right-voting Republican, and a hell of a guy. Today he got an email with the title “Zell Miller—-on target!” wherein there was a reproduction of Zell Miller’s statements endorsing George Bush’s support for the Defense from Homos Amendment, or whatever they’re […]

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