Oh, my….

Morning at the Yelladog compund- a little coffee, a little homemade granola… Watching the dog chase squirrels in the yard… (That’s the young dog. The old guy, he doesn’t chase much of anything any more.

Yawning and scratching myself, I open the ol’ web browser only to find… Dave Tepper at ÉØInterrobang!? and all of his friends are dropping by for coffee?? Holy cow…

I better straighten up around here…

Well, if you’re new here, uh, welcome! Recent posts have concentrated on The Passion: Jesus Christ!! That HURTS!! OW!! and writing bigotry into the Constitution.

Congatulations to Dave on his 1000th post. I don’t think I have done anything 1000 times that I can talk about on my blog…

And then there’s this…

Why is it that President Bush is only taking a “serious look” at what is going on in San Francisco? Bush ought to be sending in the National Guard to San Francisco to immediately restore the order of law and the thousands of years of history underlying the most valued institution of marriage.

-Attorney(!!) Richard D. Ackerman in an article in Worldnetdaily.com

Gotta love those “small-government” conservatives. Let’s get some tanks in there, but quick, Mr. President! Maybe we should start some re-education camps for all those Jesus-hatin’ sodomites, huh counsellor?

As one of the lawyers in the San Francisco case, I am begging each reader to recommit to his or her own marriages, to get involved in the success of your children’s marriages, and to demand that the meaning of your marriage will not be damaged by homosexual activists.


oh, my god….


“Look, folks, don’t watch those homos on TV and start thinking about doing something like that yourself… ok? PRAY! PRAY that you don’t see The Passion: Jesus Christ! That Hurts! OW! and start thinking about the sweet, snow white, sweat soaked thighs of the Saviour. Don’t think about Jesus’s rock hard abs… Jesus suffered for you, and he loved you…. all that sweeeet, sweet suffering…I had this roommate in Law School… he, uh…. never mind….”

More Upside

The last two days, notwithstanding (icy and wet, ugh) bicycle commuting is starting to look better and better. As it stands, my bike is one of two on the bike rack at work. That’s with regular unleaded at $1.57. I wonder what’s going to happen when it breaks $2.00. What about $3.00?

w00t! Snow day!

I have reaffirmed my loyalty to the great southern tradition of Snow Panic. It snowed about an inch and half here last night, and the town is shut down. The university where I work is closed and that means a day of sipping coffee and BFB. (blogging from bed.)

So there’s a little wind and a thin carpet of snow on the streets and the yards. That’s reason enough for everyone in Georgia to stay safely on the couch and out of “the weather.” In Chicago, that’s a nice day for baseball. But this ain’t Chicago, folks, and I have to say- I get a paid day off that isn’t deducted from my accumulated leave… I’ll take it! They say Southerners are crazy (or just stupid) for declaring a weather crisis whenever a little snow mixes with the rain. You can call us whatever you want, but I can bet you’re calling us that from work!

Another Left-Wing wacko

Guess who said this:

“Indeed, on putting down [neo-conservative strategist Richard] PerleÃs new book the thought recurs: the neoconservative moment may be over. For they are not only losing their hold on power, they are losing their grip on reality.

An End to Evil: How to Win the War on Terror opens on a note of hysteria. In the War on Terror, writes Perle, ‘There is no middle way for Americans: It is victory or holocaust.’ ‘What is new since 9/11 is the chilling realization that the terrorist threat we thought we had contained’ now menaces ‘our survival as a nation.’

Fear is what Perle and his co-author David Frum are peddling to stampede America into serial wars. Just such fear-mongering got us into Iraq, though, we have since discovered, Iraq had no hand in 9/11, no ties to al-Qaeda, no weapons of mass destruction, no nuclear program, and no plans to attack us. Iraq was never ‘the clear and present danger’ the authors insist she was.”

Clearly some whiny liberal afraid to step up and support America’s place as the world’s power-broker, right?

Click on the extended entry to find out who….
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A conservative responds

My friend John is a dyed-in-the-wool, shot (twice!) in service of his country, gun-toting, Right-voting Republican, and a hell of a guy.

Today he got an email with the title “Zell Miller—-on target!” wherein there was a reproduction of Zell Miller’s statements endorsing George Bush’s support for the Defense from Homos Amendment, or whatever they’re calling it. In it, Zigzag Zell endorsed taking a stand against the degradation of American society by allowing those West Coast Sodomites and East Coast Activist Judges that are trying to destroy the Institution of Marriage.

Well. John is a gentleman, a scholar, a fine historian, and when his country said “Go!” he went, and when it said “Jump!” he strapped on a parachute. He’s no liberal, and he’d be proud to tell you that, but this particular letter dropped into his inbox this morning, and it pissed him off.

He responds….
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