Funny legs

First day on the new “bike to work” plan. It takes almost exactly the same amount of time for me to bike to work as it does for me to drive to work, when one factors in parking and interminable waits at stop lights in the truck.

My helmet is in a box somewhere at the cabin, which is 100 miles from here. I get really paranoid when I am riding without a helmet. I like to have some padding around the brain bucket when I am moving across the surface of the earth at 20 or so mph, particularly in a town where there are thousands of SUV driving kids with their first cars, cell phones, and fake IDs. I should have gotten that day-glo orange messenger bag instead of the black one. Lights would be good, too.

The last bit of getting to work is a long climb up a hill, so I come through the front door gasping and looking fairly undone… I wonder what kind of impression that makes on my co-workers…

Norbizness has a British twin

It’s uncanny. Someone should spring for a ticket and get these two together.

Imagine, a transatlantic blog that would give Pandagon a run for its money. I’d have to quit my job just so I’d have time to read it all.

More proof that the Right may have more money if you mashed them all into a big, cologne-smelling ball and shook them until their wallets fell out, but they’re also paranoid, pushy, and couldn’t get laid in college. The Left, on other hand, wins the battle of wit, style, and record collections. (OK, only OLD leftists like myself still call them records, but that’s beside the point.)

I will concede that at least George Will knows something about baseball. But that’s about all you get…


When you’re George Bush and you’ve lost Bill O’Reilly, you’re losing.

This is really astonishing. Rush Limbaugh is just counting the minutes until he’s federally indicted. Ditto (ha. unintentional pun, there) half the White House’s Executive staff, now O’Reilly’s APOLOGIZING?

Unreal. Tournament unreal…. Olympic unreal….

Baseball, apple pie and alternative transportation

I got my bike back from the repair shop. I have an old beater road bike frame with flat bars and slightly beefier than normal rims and tires. It’s a perfect messenger bike- minimal weight and components, nothing worth stealing, and just comfortable enough to ride in short bursts all day long. I should take a picture of it and post it just so you can see what I have used to get around in several cities and to several different jobs and classes for the last ten years.

I am looking at getting one of these when payday comes. A cooler retro-style bike would be hard to find. All it needs is an antenna with a raccoon tail on it. Plus, it’s got a seven speed derailleur, which means that, while it looks like a big ol’ steel, balloon tire cruiser, it’s actually an aluminum bike with some gears for climbing hills. The bike shop is selling it for $249. Not bad. Everyone in my family that hears that price says “My god, that’s a lot of money for a bike.”

Well, it won’t be if it lasts ten years like the one that I have now, will it? Plus, jesus, what you people pay for cars. And insurance. And gas, and parking and oil and repairs.

the changing face of geekdom

Something I have neglected to mention up to this point that I found terribly interesting:

As I walk through the halls of my new job, down here in the windowless nest of ‡ber-geekdom that is the Information and Technology Services building, every office I look into has either a Mac in it (about 75%, wildly assed guessed) or a Linux/unix/irix in it (the rest). Many have both. Numbers of offices with a Windows box only- So far, that I have seen? Zero.

The 22-year-old Supa Genius that I have been fortunate enough to spend some time around this last week and a half is running a Linux box only- and he has customized it so completely that I would have to say that it’s almost like he has his own distro. (That’s almost complete hyperbole, but you get the idea.)

Mac has broken through to the super geek set. It’s 1. the seamless integration of hot GUI and BSD underpinnings, 2. the nice hardware, and 3. the killer set of development tools that are part Apple and part Open Source Community.

Now, if I could just get my family off the junk… My step-dad’s XP machine went belly up the other night and no amount of finagling could bring it back. That’s the first time that I have seen an XP machine get to the point where the only solution was a complete reformat. That was a fairly common state of affairs for Windows 98 machines, but XP was supposed to be 1. more stable, and 2. completely repairable, provided that you were holding the OS disk.

It ain’t so, Joe. Someone (not me, since we now live three hours apart) is going to charge him a couple of hundred dollars to ghost all the data off of his hard drive, reinstall the OS, then put all of his data back. I have said it before- if Windows worked, we’d all be out of a job.

Microsoft: Still keeping geeks in high cotton after 29 years.

I never got there

Tech support can be a really fulfilling job, especially when one is dealing with people that are only just beginning to find out how technology can benefit them. On the other hand, it’s time consuming as hell.

And so… while helping two very nice people about my parents’ ages set up their new Powerbook and their DSL connection, their WiFi network in their home and their new email account…

I totally missed my capoeira class.

There’s another one on Wednesday.

Look out below.

Tonight is the first night of capoeira lessons. I have a bag packed in the truck with a pair of karate pants, some good shoes for working out, and all the usual gym stuff. At home, I have aspirin, tylenol and motrin.

I am prepared.

I am planning to hurt tomorrow….

Long-short weekend

This was one of those weekends where I had to do so many things and had so little time to enjoy it that it seemed like the boring parts (loading boxes, moving furniture, driving the three hours between here and there) took up the whole weekend. The good parts (LTGF, Chinese food, time with my family) flashed by so quickly that they left me windburned.

I now have a bicycle at The Hub (a really nice bike shop here in Athens) being fixed so that I can commute on it (though I have no idea how I am going to pay them for the work), a few more plates and dishes, a desk for LTGF and some more blankets, but I am still camping indoors- no dogs, nobody to cuddle up to at night, and still nothing hanging over the windows. (Which means that I am dressing in the bathroom.)

I can’t wait to have my little family up here.