YES, damnit…

The 9/11 commission has flatly rejected Bush and Cheney’s attempt to limit their private interviews with the commission to one hour each.

I do not know why these men are so afraid to talk to the 9/11 Commission. Anyone? C’mon, someone must have some plausible explanation. I mean, what’s up? Give me your crazy theories, your reasonable explanations, your W.A.G.s- I’ll take whatever you have. I am completely stumped. What’s the big deal? The Commission’s expressed purpose is to look into the actual events leading up to 9/11 and find out what really happened. Answering these questions is only going to make the country safer, right? RIGHT?

So why dodge them? Why thwart their attempts to obtain documents? Why obfuscate, delegate and intimidate?

What’s going on here?

All the President’s Mess

I’d say a civil war. Probably. I’d say it’s going to be a Sunni vs. Shiite war. It’s a long way from candy and flowers at the gates of Baghdad, that much I do know for sure.

Meanwhile, our “allies” in Pakistan are passing out nuclear technology like AmWay catalogs, and they are pointing their own missles at the world’s 2nd most populous country.

What a foogin’ mess.

Aramaic for Beginning Filmgoers

The Guardian has thoughtfully provided some Aramaic phrases that you might find usefull if you are going to see “The Passion: First Blood of the Saviour” this week.

Some favorites:

B-kheeruut re’yaaneyh laa kaaley tsuuraathaa khteepaathaa, ellaa Zaynaa Mqatlaanaa Trayaanaa laytaw!
It may be uncompromising in its liberal use of graphic violence, but Lethal Weapon II it ain’t.

Da’ek teleyfoon methta’naanaak, pquud. Guudaapaw!
Please turn off your mobile phone. It is blasphemous.

Ma’hed lee qalleel d-Khayey d-Breeyaan, ellaa dlaa gukhkaa.
It sort of reminds me of Life of Brian, but it’s nowhere near as funny.

Puuee men Preeshey, puuee!
Boo, Pharisees! Boo!

More music

Thanks to folks that have been sending me links for more music. I need to get an ftp server set up at home so I can respond in kind. I wish that I could turn more people on to some of the stuff that I am finding.

Right now, I am spinning RJD2’s “Dead Ringer” album. Nice stuff, and definitely a direction that I am considering moving once I get the home studio up and running well.

I cannot overemphasize how incredible this record is. It’s all I can do to hold myself back from wearing it out by playing it four times a day.

Here’s a secret: I live and die by compilations from certain labels, and I am going to hip you to one, now…. Greensleeves is the only source worth considering if you want to stay up with what’s firing up the clubs in Jamaica. Pick up any of their yearly comps- they have them going back to the ’70s- 2003’s compilation is the most current. The compliations are usually two cds, and it’s less than $20.00 shipped from Tower Records, where you can actually preview tracks, too. Beat that.

I knew about Sean Paul back when he was “Really big in Jamacia. No, really!” I discovered him on a Greensleeves compilation.

Feed your ears….

Organic veggie co-op

Did I mention that we belong to a co-op that buys organic produce at wholesale? I guess there are about fifty families doing it. One woman coordinates. She buys whatever’s fresh and in season. The truck comes to a church on the north side of town and everyone converges there on alternate Monday afternoon. Fifty boxes get filled up with carrots, sweet potatoes, kale, apples (this week- organic pink ladies, which are my favorite), three kinds of oranges, spinach, onions and I don’t know what else.

It took me half an hour just to unpack all the stuff we got yesterday, and we’ll be lucky to eat all of it in time for the next truck to come two weeks from now.

I think the best part is that I sort of just end up with stuff I might never go out and buy, and it’s organic and fresh, so I have to be creative. “What am I going to do with a head of cauliflower?” “What do I do with kale?” We end up eating at home all the time, and we eat a lot healthier food.

LTGF was telling me that her parents were part of a co-op when she was growing up, and that it was all local and all only what was in season. (This was before capitalism discovered organic vegetables.) One week in winter time, it was “all turnips.”

Hey, what did you get this week?







Feels like someone went after my brochial tubes with sandpaper. And I feel run down and nasty.

Maybe it’s this whole “Leave work and go work for someone else until late” routine.

Must get some rest soon…

Music, Musique, Musik

I can’t tell you what it’s like to be back in Athens. I am drenched in new music… I didn’t move back here to start another garage band or to try and open a nightclub or anything… but I did move back here to be where music is near the top of people’s lists of what’s important.

Over the weekend I grabbed something from Wal-Mart for a friend- he needed something and I had gone there to buy a big Rubbamade┬Ź trashcan. When I got back to his house, he had burned a copy of this cd for me. I thought le hip-hop du Paris was hot stuff. That was before I heard the beats of Dakar. And it’s not all super-funky stuff that sets this compilation apart- there is some gorgeous stuff with acoustic guitar as the melody with dialogue from a film spliced in. Here’s a track by track breakdown of the album’s songs. (“J’accuse la police! J’accuse la justice!!”)

Additionally, two important things happened over the weekend- Another friend of mine got his iPod Mini, finally. He asked me if I wanted his old 5gb iPod. (Do I want it?!!? Gimme that damn thing, fool!!) Now I am realizing that I should have started making playlists in iTunes a long time ago, because I have 13.4 hours of music in my library, and it’s not organized in any way. Everything from Flatt and Scruggs to Capleton and Beenie Man. I have been getting by just leaving my library pulled up on the iMac that I have wired into the stereo at home and just letting it randomly play, which makes for some great juxtapositions (Johnny Cash doing “I Fought the Law” fading into NTM’s “Nique la Police”). However, once I move all that stuff to the iPod, it begs to be organized somehow. I don’t even know where to begin.

Additionally, I have converted my old Powerbook into a MIDI studio using Reason and a MIDI controller keyboard. Reason has an integrated drum machine, a sampler, a couple of different synthesizers, reverb, delays, a thousand drum souds… I have barely had time to scratch the surface, but I have a feeling I am going to need to start scheduling sleeping, eating, work, all the secondary stuff. And because it’s Athens, all I have to do is pick up the phone and call any of ten people if I have a question.

That’s why I came back here.