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Birthday over, I think

Well, it was nice while it lasted. 364 more days of being 36. Then, with any luck, something else happens. Yesterday I went and kicked the tires on what at first appeared to just be an old Toyota pickup. It’s near this park where I like to run and it had a big For Sale […]

Enthusiasm and Quality

Critics of the administration in power are certainly not suffering for lack of numbers. Compare the climate of dissent now to the climate year ago- it’s pretty clear. The factors contributing to this are legion and omnipresent- that much is hardly worth discussing this morning. What is fascinating is the number of reasonable, eloquent voices […]

Real Journalism

Look, I don’t know what you think the web is good for, but I know that I like it because I can get articles like this for just taking the time to look for them. (I would encourage you to contribute to Allbritton’s mission- there’s a link at the bottom of the entry.) The article […]

I dunno

Well, we can’t call UGA the University of Georgia anymore. I vote for UCLA. The University of that City ‘Longside Atlanta. Whaddya think?

Diams “DJ”

I love this song. I am going to loop the intro and do something with it. That’s a great kickdrum sound.


Finally got paid today. Just in time to treat myself for m’birthday. And, in other news, Kilgore Trout is buying. Just go see. He’ll explain.

Upon further reflection

Just a little rumination about the whole “If you’re not using turntables, then we don’t want you to spin here” thing at the bar that was going to be my regular Thursday night gig. I don’t know why these guys thought that someone could come in and use turntables to spin a downtempo set. It’s […]

I’m reading more today

Today, I am reading more than I am writing. I wanna share the love. Judith Miller gets a little testy for being called out as a willing rube for the NeoCons. Did anyone not read this and simultaneously think “I knew this was gonna happen,” and “Ewwwwwwwwwww…”? Just because the Department of Homeland Security seems […]

And, uh, it’s my birthday

By the way, Sunday is my birthday. No big plans, but Monday is a holiday, so it should be nice.

running update

I have so little to talk about today. I have been running hard again. Feels good. averaging 3.2 miles every other day- running pretty fast, except when Addison is with me. He has to stop and smell stuff. I have a lot of training to do between now and October for the marathon. I am […]

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