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Listening to the massive compilation of Fela Kuti tracks that I got from eponymous dave, or “Torrent Master,” as we now call him. Afrobeat rocks so hard. OK, say you’re a rock star… and you think you’re pretty big stuff, right? Fela started his own country, jack. Top that. The Kalakuta Republic was autonomous from […]

There’s another documentary out there

Control Room is a documentary about the newsroom at Al Jazeera, the only independent Arab news network. Al Jazeera has been criticized by True Patriots┘ as being anti-American, biased, and a propaganda tool of anti-American Islamists. For that matter, so have I, so that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. I have not seen the film, and […]


Another dog saves humans’ asses story. We gotta start feeding our higher powers something besides kibble. Toronto ­█­ A heavily armed man says he called off plans for an east-end shooting spree Wednesday afternoon following a chance encounter with a friendly dog. The 43-year-old man told police that he’d travelled from New Brunswick with the […]

This is breaking my heart

It’s going to be a nation of Lila Lipscombs the brings down the House of Bush… A mother in Sacramento isn’t letting Bush’s press blackout keep her son hidden from the world. The mother of a soldier killed in Iraq invited news coverage of the arrival of her son’s flag-draped casket at Sacramento International Airport. […]

I should add this qualifier, though

I am becoming a huge fan of Sasha Frere-Jones’ writing. He is in the studio with his own band, The Sands, with John Agnello. Sahsa says this: “Listen to the Kim Deal message on John’s site█it’s worth it.” So I go to Agnello’s site, listen to his answering machine messages that he has posted on […]

Writing about music

It isn’t really like dancing about architecture if you’re good at it. Sasha Frere-Jones is Good At It. The New Yorker has been the primary outlet for Sy Hirsh and the music critic there is S/FJ. (The S/FJ weblog.) What makes us so lucky that we can get this all in one magazine? AND online? […]

Fahrenhiet 9/11

LTGF and I and a whole posse of folks went to see F911 at The Mall of Georgia (it didn’t open in Athens this weekend. Please google “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy” and “Movie Theater” and “Corporation”) (That’s a joke, you humor challenged folk). I have so many reactions to the film. I thought about publishing […]

Go Fuck Yourself

Does Cheney have “pump head“? A substantial proportion of patients after coronary artery bypass surgery experience measurable impairment in their mental capabilities. In the surgeons’ locker room, this phenomenon (not publicized for obvious reasons) has been referred to as "pump head." The guy’s clearly out of control. Perhaps we have found the reason…. ::Update:: Anyone […]

Something I almost forgot

Nothing cooler than finding something I’d forgotten about in someone else’s iTunes library. Even though I could bore you to sleep with stories about what a bad seed he is, Greg Dulli’s old band Afghan Whigs was at times brilliant, maddening, blistering. At no time were they were more so than on 1993′s Gentlemen. I […]

through a glass darkly

Jane Dark is the best blogger you aren’t reading. (shame on you.) She just flat intimidates me, actually. Today she posts this: “It was time, after all, to play my other favorite game: Googling the name of the most recently appointed US ambassador to, oh, anywhere really, along with the search term ‘death squad.’”

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