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A Credit to his Race

There’s an interesting thread over at Alicublog about David Brooks’ comments about Barack Obama during the recap of his speech to the Democratic National Convention. Brooks is doing color commentary as a representative of the reactionary simpering moron bloc for PBS. After Obama blew the windows out of the Fleet Center, the talking heads took […]

Why I Worry

I don’t know if the Democratic National Convention was really supposed to do anything of any lasting impact, really. Kerry had the nomination sewn up, and the whole convention process has been engineered to avoid any sort of repeat of the 1968 inferno and the mushfest of 1972. Call it mature politics in the television […]

loonie busy

Today was nuts. No time to post. I wanna buy a house, though. More on that later.

OK, is THIS irony?

I read this quote: “The danger has not passed. The threat remains. And in the time ahead, we need the same steadfast presidential leadership that we have had over the last 3 1/2 years.” and I automatically assumed it was John Stewart making a funny. But, no, it’s Cheney, making the mouth noise he’s supposed […]

Convention Coverage

So far, Tom Tomorrow has the funniest line from the blogger coverage of the Democratic National Convention: I head over to the Fleet Center. Run into a daily editorial cartoonist I know who is headed to his paper’s terrorism training–all the mainstream columnists and cartoonists I know seem to have undergone some variation on this; […]


USA Today decided that Ann Coulter’s commentary of the Deomcratic National convention had “basic weaknesses in clarity and readability that we found unacceptable.” After hearing this criticism, Ann (apparently startled that USA today had only just grokked this) responded that [this] “raises the intriguing question of why they hired me to write for them.” We’re […]

Hey y’all, here’s what it was like

this is what happens when a real writer goes to the Boundary Waters for vacation. I guess the NY Times has discovered Ely. This will unfortunately mean that there will be scads of tourists when I want to go back. Where human habitation is sparse, nature’s communiqu»s are revealed. The calls and responses. Water’s answering […]

I really should take up Unreal Tournament

Because parsing this article and trying to understand it through the lens of this book are just over my head this afternoon. Anyone who feels a great desire to put Guy Deborg and the Situationists Internationale into 200 words or less, please chime in and drop some science on me. One thing is for sure- […]

Building a Bridge to Serfdom

At least they have jobs at Wal-Mart. Thousands of people in the coal mining country of southwestern Virginia waited up to eight hours through storms and muggy heat this weekend to get free medical attention from volunteers gathered at a county fairground. At least 73 people slept in cars overnight, and a handful pitched tents […]

Insult to Injury

Not to make light of a terrible situation, but when I first saw this photo: I thought, “Wow, how much does it suck to be kidnapped by The Mummenschanz?”

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