eponymous points us to the sad facts

Man, I just HATE to read stuff like this:

* In 2003 in Philadelphia, voters in African American areas were systematically challenged by men carrying clipboards, driving a fleet of some 300 sedans with magnetic signs designed to look like law enforcement insignia.

* In 2002 in Louisiana, flyers were distributed in African American communities telling voters they could go to the polls on Tuesday, December 10th ñ three days after a Senate runoff election was actually held.

* In 1998 in South Carolina, a state representative mailed 3,000 brochures to African American neighborhoods, claiming that law enforcement agents would be ìworkingî the election, and warning voters that ìthis election is not worth going to jail.î

I think it was when I first had moved from South Georgia to Chicago and had just started writing this thing that I said “Jim Crow is not dead.”

Well, he isn’t. And that’s a fact.

More NYC!

First person photo gallery here.

First person narrative description from one of my favorite weblogs here at Alicublog.

Some favorite excerpts from there:

The crowd was getting bunched up round 25th Street and some of the organizers sprang into action to regulate the flow — young, mostly female, red bandanas tied on their arms, they linked hands across the avenue and held the pace. Very neatly done. If you want to know why moderates march with fringe groups, it’s because the fringe groups know their shit.

Up in the 30s there was no getting out of it — all the sidewalks and sidestreets were blocked off by metal gates and cops, who seemed attentive but relaxed; a number of them lounged in chairs inside the closed Blimpies at 30th, gazing out at us as if we were a dull TV show and the remote were too far away for them to change the channel. (editor’s note- NYC public safety workers’ unions have been struggling for a better contract since the winter of 2001/2002, so you may see some lack of enthusiasm for head busting. Just a thought.)

MSNBC slide show, which is kinda flat, but pictures nonetheless, here.

Very nice little collection of photos here.

Roger L. Simon laments that it’s not 1968 any more, and look at all these dumb hippies! Which nicely illustrates another of Jane Dark’s characterizations of a certain writerly pose:

“I shall leave a full-figured takedown of Todd Gitlin for someone with more patience than I for apoplectic dwarves, formerly progressive category; I spent mine on Chris Hitchens. Perhaps it will suffice for now to note that, as long as maturity is equated with the politics of seeking out a marginally better deal without upsetting the apple-cart, I will persist in extreme immaturity…”

I love her (in a blog-crush kind of way), and she never even notices me.

More stuff as I find it.


I should point out that it’s no small joy to me that (after de-spamming my comments) we are edging up on 1,000 reader comments. I mean, that’s a couple of days (at most) for some of the big boys, but for me, it’s like like nitrous oxide, closing in on four figures.

Those of you just joining us will perhaps find some dissonance between that number and the smallish number actually on the counter down there. I put the counter in a week and a half ago, because I was curious. There was a weblog here for two years before I put in the turnstyle.

Thanks for dropping in, and thanks for writing on the walls….

If you’re not reading Jane Dark…

You’re missing great stuff like this:

Yes, there are current claims about fighting murderous fundamentalism and evil regimes, and there has even been a concerted effort by loyal intellectuals to render this as a global struggle between two opposed ideological systems, CocaWorld Vs. McJihad, etc etc. The Republican party in particular doesn’t breathe well when cut off from the oxygen of Manichaean absolutism.

She’s been in Paris for a couple of weeks, and it’s been a real treat reading her (far too) infrequent posts from there.

americans need to know the truth

Yale Cheerleaders for Truth asserts that George Bush gamed the system to get out of his cheerleading early, and that his varisty letter that he was awarded was given to him when he faked his cheerleading injuries.

I think it’s time Americans knew the truth. Write Yale President Richard C Levin and demand that he realease George Bush’s cheerleading records.

Is this thing going to boil over or what?

I am still trying to get my head around this Larry Franklin thing. Was the operative in question passing state secrets to Israel, or was he offering up US Foreign policy to the Likud to evaluate?

Josh Marshall, Laura Rozen, et al’s article is at Washington Monthly.

There’s no predicting how high the spankings will go when this shakes out. The story seems to be unfolding in bursts. First it was an unnamed operative in Doug Feith’s office. Then it was specifically Larry Franklin, and then, according to this,

…other sources said the FBI investigation is more wide-ranging than initial news reports suggested.

They said it has involved interviews of current and former officials at the White House, Pentagon and State Department.

Investigators have asked about the security practices of several other Defense Department civilians, they said.

Even if the worst of these charges aren’t true, it would appear that elements of the neo-con cabal in DC have been presenting Likud party aparatchiks with drafts of US policy towards Iran so that the Sharonistas could “yay” or “nay” it. The narrative arc of this scandal may be too convoluted for Joe Average voter to internalize, I am afraid. I still can’t quite get my head around why the neo-cons were supporting MEK, an semi-Marxist/pro-Islamist Iranian dissident organization. (as Dave Tepper says “Head….. asploding…..”) File this in the same file as their pimping of Ahmed Chalabi, Iranian spy, which I think will be “C,” for “Cognitive Dissonance.”

I have a lot of random thoughts about this…. I am going to withhold final judgement until there’s more information…

Some of those random thoughts:

It seems that, at some point, folks with their eye on big, fat checks from the DIA figured out that if they got the right Neo-Con on the phone and said “Once we are in power, we will recognize Israel,” the money hose would be pointed in their direction.

The return of the republicans to the State Department and the Pentagon was supposed to be the Return of Grownups in US Foreign Policy. I would love to see some evidence of that some time, wouldn’t you?

and finally, the Bush Admin has thrown to the dogs both CIA and FBI personnel on the issues of WMD and 9/11, respectively… Did they think that it wouldn’t blow back on them? Carter learned the hard way what happens when you piss off the intelligence agencies. Did these folks think they were bullet proof?

Pssssst…. pass it down!

You living in NYC? Feeling a little under the weather, maybe? I think you might be getting sick. I think you might have to call in to work on the 1st, don’t you?

NYC- September 1st- GENERAL STRIKE!

Their slogan?

“Don’t bring your hate to our doorstep and expect a welcome mat.”

Um… Don’t hold anything back…

fucking hell, Norbizness… Tell it like it is:

This seems like a rational foreign policy if you were, say, Nepal. Countries whose arsenals of weapons had been destroyed a decade ago and who couldn’t deliver the goods even if they had them should be invaded, bombed, and built back up again, but countries with actual ICBMs and nuclear weapons can be effectively deterred with missile shields. Then again, I guess Kim Jong Il never tried to kill his dad. I never fully take the Hamlet Factor into account when trying to explain a $150 billion morass.

But I guess trying to make sense of this sort of head-scratching buffoonery is pointless when you’re dealing with a popular wartime President.

uhm… hoo…. Respect….