smart money is making me crazy

Today’s edition of Smart Money (which comes on after Car Talk on Saturday mornings) has had two stories about health care in America…

The first one was a warning to people that elect to go without health care. The message from several people interviewed for the story was “Shame on you for putting yourself and your family at risk by electing to go without health insurance!” The reporter who put the story together actually said something like “The problem here is clear- electing to live without health insurance is a Very Bad Decision.”

the headline: “Man killed by speeding bus!” THE PROBLEM HERE IS CLEAR- BUSES ARE TOO HARD!

At some point someone actually said “Health insurance is just too expensive for the self-employed. And the reporter practically said “Well, ANYWAY, you can’t go without it…”


The OTHER STORY was about how the debate is being framed concerning people getting on big buses and going to that socialist paradise to the North, Canuckistan, to buy heavily discounted prescription drugs. The party line from Big Pharma? “You should pay our insanely expensive prices on drugs. Otherwise you are putting your health at risk!! There is no way to insure the quality of prescription drugs from other countries!”

Right. There might be some eye of newt or some batwing or something in that Canadian viagra. We should ask Rush Limbaugh about the quality of drugs from Mexico. Their oxy-contin may be subtly different from ours.

To Smart Money’s credit, the commentator that was being interviewed said that Big Pharma’s line was bullshit. Thanks for clearing that up!



The Headline: VA hospitals may be target, advisory warns

The first sentence of the 2nd paragraph: “Although U.S. authorities say there is no credible intelligence about a specific threat against such hospitals…”

Here’s my intel report: A group of white men in suits have been skulking around Washington, DC, looking for ways to harm veterans in subtle and insidious ways. “Even more than his father, and Ronald Reagan before him, Bush is cutting budgets for myriad programs intended to protect or improve the lives of veterans and active-duty soldiers.”

Terror alerts- “Putting political expediency ahead of national well-being since 2001!”รด

Beenie Man is fired

We’re not going to be spinning any more Beenie Man, that’s for sure, ladies and gents…

from this article:

Within 24 hours of Virgin Records issuing a supposed apology from Jamaican reggae singer Beenie Man over his incitements to murder gay people, Clyde McKenzie, head of public relations for Beenie Man’s management company Shocking Vibes, told Radio Jamaica that the statement was not a specific apology to gay people, that it was initiated by Virgin Records not by Beenie Man, and that Beenie Man reserved his right to continue criticising “the homosexual lifestyle”, of which he did not approve. Radio Jamaica (RJR, 94FM), Tuesday evening 6.45pm, 3 August 2004

OK, seriously…

I have a job now, and so does LTGF. The money’s pretty good. We didn’t buy a $150k house….
should I buy these?

yes or no. Answer in the comments…

When Bob Barr is in Hell…

I hope that the demon that is shoving molten iron wasps into his rectum will stop for a few minutes at some point and say “I am giving you a little break because you wrote this…”

The FBI, seemingly, takes an absurdly narrow view of what kind of tactics would, in fact, chill speech – a view that excludes its own plainly chilling measures.

For instance, Joe Parris, an FBI spokesman, told the New York Times that, because “no one was dragged from their homes and put under bright lights,” interviews of potential demonstrators are not “chilling.”

So now we know the Administration’s new First Amendment standard: So long as the government agents don’t “drag you from your home” and interrogate you “under bright lights,” you have nothing to complain or worry about.

The fact of the matter is, tactics such as those contemplated in last year’s FBI memo, and approved by the Justice Department this past spring, do chill free speech. They do intimidate.

And, self-justifying memos by government lawyers notwithstanding, such tactics usher in an era of intolerance and fear that has no place in American politics.