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Bush/Cheney 2004!

“An unidentified supporter of President Bush tries to silence protester Kendra Lloyd-Knox (right) outside Southridge High School in Beaverton. Elsewhere in Portland, supporters of Democratic candidate Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., rallied on the waterfront.”

From the front page of The Portland Tribune.

Well, not everything is easy

You gotta watch those ” vs. ‘ when you are issuing pasword commands to your debian machine. Now I am fiercely wearing out my welcome with the *nix geeks I know. You don’t want a ‘!’ sign with ” ” around it when you go to set the root password on mysql. That’s bad, see. Because then you have a very strange password file with all sorts of weirdness in it.


Then you get to here, where nothing seems to be working. LOL.

:: Update- the combination of apt-get upgrade mysql-server and the fearless intervention of the sysadmin of this sever (thanks, adrock) and my debian box has clawed its way back to the functioning world. Yay!! ::

About that Debian Box…

Two commands tonight:

apt-get update
apt-get install apache

Then I sat back and watched it run. After ten minutes, I point my web browser to its internal IP and I get the following message:

“If you are the administrator of this machine

The initial installation of Debian’s apache web server package was successful.

You should replace this page with your own web pages as soon as possible.”

yah man. It should always be this easy.

The Folly of Home Buying

This is a very Kilgore Trout thing to do (though I cannot tell you exactly why I feel that way, it just is), but I am going to post a letter that I sent to the guy that I was trying to buy this house from:

16 August 2004
[Seller’s Agent] Realty
PO Box 123
Rural, GA 306**

Mr. [Seller’s Agent],

Please communicate to Mr. [Seller] that we are very disappointed that he has chosen not to make the repairs to the house that we had requested. Unfortunately, with the house in its present state, we would not be comfortable paying just 3.23% under the appraised value in a buyersí market for a house that still requires a new water heater, a ceiling in the master bathroom, a new range (and all other appliances, save the dishwasher and 30 year old oven), as well as fascia boards and other roof system repairs.

We hope that he will consider our final offer of [a whole lotta money] (total) as a fair one for the house ìas is.î With all the repairs that need to be made, I think this is a good offer. If your client chooses to reject it, you will find included with this fax a copy of the form to release the earnest money to us so that we may remove the house from contract and all parties involved from any kind of obligation to this deal.

Mr. [Seller’s Agent], I appreciate your time and effort on this. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


patrick yelladog

The subtext of this letter being “Please advise your moronic client that the two of you are kissing off a combined $135,000 (after capital gains tax and commissions) because you won’t replace a $200 water heater and some miscellaneous crap. Hope that works out for. Please kiss my ass.”


Big Changes around Here

I added a counter, y’all. I could have tried to guess how many visitors I have had up to this point and set the counter at that, but who knows? Right now? It reads “1.” That’s where I am going to start counting.

It’s more for my edification, and I don’t see the point in pretending I have any idea how many visitors I have had since 2002.

Vote early, vote often, stop in any time.

really, this time?

can I just say that this is done now?

Looks like I am back. Archives are intact. I am going to be doing some customization on the site for a couple of days. The old style sheet is dead (Long Live the Old Style Sheet!) and once I get over the shock of its disappearance, I think that I will be okay with this one, once it’s been dusted up a bit.



Hi. I’m back.

::Update- 11:30 am- I think I have the style sheet about where I want it. Thoughts?::

Sy Hersh, Pay Attention

Digging too deep and too hard can apparently cause outbreaks of spontaneous bleeding from the wrists.

Maybe someday we’ll get some answers on this.

some background:

Joseph Daniel Casolaro’s family and friends buried him on August 16.

As he spoke with each reporter, the doctor [his brother] encouraged continued investigation. he raised the possibility that his brother had been murdered in his hotel room in Martinsburg, West Virginia,

…where was the research and hard evidence for Casolaro’s book-in-progress?

The book project, financed out of pocket, was Casolaro’s attempt to trace a single thread through a patchwork of scandals. He endeavored to document appearances by the same handful of individuals in a series of seemingly disparate stories, ranging in subject matter from arms trading to illegal covert operations by American intelligence figures to the financial support for those operations mustered through various banks. These include such scandals and alleged scandals as the “October Surprise,” in which, the unproven theory goes, the Reagan-for-president team made a deal to trade arms, via Israel, to Iran, if Iran would hold its America embassy hostages long enough to insure Jimmy Carter’s defeat; the Iran-contra affair, in which the Reagan administration has admitted trading arms to Iran in an effort to bargain for subsequent hostages; and the burgeoning mess surrounding the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), a bank Casolaro saw as one of the financial conduits that make other scandals possible.

Of course, this comes from the pages of that commie rag, the Columbia Journalism Review, and from a reporter from Nightline, so it must be pure fabrication, right?
[Read more…]

Rolling Stone gathers no moss

Looks like Rolling Stone magazine is going to win the John Stewart Memorial “was entertainment until the ‘real’ media fell asleep at the wheel” Award this week.

It has been months since the now-infamous photographs from Abu Ghraib revealed that American soldiers tortured Iraqi prisoners — yet the Bush administration has failed to get to the bottom of the abuses.”There are some serious unanswered questions,” says Sen. Susan Collins, a Republican on the Armed Services Committee. The Pentagon is stalling on several investigations, and congressional inquiries have ground to a halt. The foot-dragging is astonishing, given that Congress has access to classified documents detailing the abuses outlined by Maj. Gen. Antonio Taguba in his report on Abu Ghraib. Rolling Stone obtained those files in June and offers this report on their contents.

All that awful stuff Sy Hersh was talking about? It’s in there. Ugh. Someone wake me when this nightmare is over.