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The Twilight Zone

A friend of mine stopped for a heartbeat to watch the news in the locker room at the gym, yesterday, and Bush was on the TV. I don’t know if his body posture communicated his disdain or if his face registered some inchoate emotion, but some beefy stand-by pounced and said “Well, who are you […]

Uh, Did I Mention How Much I love the Yeahyeahyeahs?

Can’t stop listening to “Fever to Tell,” and today I had to know more about the man that mixed the album and made it sound so incredible. Alan Moulder was the engineer/producer, and he really knows how to make drums sounds SWEET. Turns out, he’s also a mac user. ONEOFUS….ONEOFUS…..ONEOFUS….

One other thing

I went to the dermatologist this morning, and I don’t have cancer. I had some scary stuff going on that I was keeping mum about, but the Dr. told me that it was no big deal, just benign stuff. She did a little freezing, some cutting, some scraping, and I am on the path to […]

Oh, but the schools we’ve painted!

Worse and worse. What’s the tipping point going to be? Will there be a Tet Offensive style assault on the Green Zone? Anyone remember the US Embassy Compound in Saigon being overrun? I did notice this from the CNN article: “Rumsfeld: Violence in Iraq ‘getting worse’” !!! You DON’T SAY, old man!!! I remember calling […]

The Inside Skinny on the “debates”

Why is the word “debates” in quotes? Because, thanks to reader DT Interrobang, we get a link to the real truth about the coming Pre-Presidental Press Conference. (can we call it “the PPPC” from now on?) Follow the link above to “Top 10 Secrets They Don’t Want You to Know About the Debates.”

“Ideology and idealism will never trump history and reality.”

From reader Ben comes another fascinating, if disturbing, article about Iraq. This one is from a 20-year career NCO, and it is titled, unfortunately, “Why We Can’t Win”: When we were preparing to deploy, I told my young soldiers to beware of the “political solution.” Just when you think you have the situation on the […]

The other rising tide

This is the one that has been lapping at the back steps of our civil rights for a couple of years now… Kevin Drum links to an essay at Obsidian Wings decrying Big Denny Hastert’s proposal to “ease up on those UN conventions against torture” for persons rounded up as “terror suspects.” What he has […]

Color me SHOCKED!

Roy over at Alicublog points us to more information about the further banana-republicification of the great state of Florida: Supporters told his campaign office that when they tried to touch the screen to light up his name, the machine registered the name of an opponent. Danciu also found that 15 cartridges containing the vote totals […]

The New Music thingy

If you care about what “alternative” music has sort of morphed into- which, as far as I am aware, has no new name- you might want to check out this site. As music becomes more decentralized and the industry becomes increasingly irrelevant (when was the last time you read Spin?), I think that web music […]

What if the world voted for the US President?

Beta Vote is an interesting concept- what if the rest of the world got to vote in the US Presidential elections? Go to the link, enter your country and vote. Don’t cheat. FAQ here.

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