Cheney’s teeth

Veep debates are Tuesday, and I want to share something with you that I have noticed about the current VP as we head into the debates.

I have bruxism- which is where one grinds one’s teeth in one’s sleep. I do it off and on when I am under stress. My dentist showed me how when someone grinds their teeth, if they move their lower jaw just slightly towards the side they gind on, their teeth form a little interlocking puzzle, and there is often a gap on the other side.

When I watch Cheney talk, I can see that clear as day. Here’s a picture that kind of shows it:


Though I am sure there are better ones out there.

With all the crap going on at Halliburton with KBR, it doesn’t surprise me, though I suspect he’s been grinding for a long time.

It’s a Damn Shame

I think it’s a damn shame that Maddux isn’t going to the post-season with the Braves. The guy should have retired from the club where he spent most of his career. When he was up for free agency and he took a nice raise, but he didn’t break the club’s back. It annoys me greatly that he got sent back to Chicago and still won more than 15 games.

Sometimes baseball breaks my heart. Usually it’s the Braves in October, but this year, it was sending Maddux to the wrong spring training camp back in March.

Happy 1000 to Me

This is my 1000th weblog entry. This weblog has had three names and has been served from several different sets of computers, but I somehow managed to save all the content and keep it up more than it was down…

Thanks for stopping in from time to time, folks. Sure is nice having a hobby that other people enjoy.

What did Senator Kerry pull from his pocket?

Y’know, when these guys start howling that there was a foul, I am tempted to beat my head against the wall. But, in light of the Right-leaning blogs’ triumph over the MSM last month, I have started to take them more seriously. SO, I went and had a look at the tapes.

I have examined the video tape, and I have to admit, the right wing blogs, and Drudge, are absolutely right. Senator Kerry did manage to surreptitiously pull something from his pocket during the debates. I was able to freeze the video and extract an image.

Click here to see what I found.

Update: We got a link back from INDC and the Bill’s being a great sport about it. Welcome, new readers! Cheers!

Hee hee… SF is God’s favorite vibrating bath toy?

Thanks, Adrock, for this article:

You know it’s true.

You know if, say, San Francisco had just been blasted by not two, not three, but fully four lethal trailer-park-eating earthquakes, why, the Right-wing Bible set would be yelping with barely disguised joy.

Of course they would. They’d be jumping up and down and saying I told you so and pointing to Volume 18 of “Left Behind” and claiming that this was, of course, God’s wrath upon the sinners and the gays and the heathens and sodomites and the tofu eaters and the Toyota Priuses and the yoga studios and the anal sex and the incense burners and the Zen meditation centers.

Ha ha snicker, they’d say. Serves you right, they’d sneer. Shoulda voted Republican, they’d add. And then they’d go make lime Jell-O and watch Raymond.

I am so tired of saying “read the whole thing…” From now I am going to say…

Eat the whole sandwich!

Say what you feel, Jimmy…

I mean, don’t hold back.

He showed for all to see what a minor mind he goes around with. I looked at this guy Bush last night and thought about young people dying in Iraq because of him. And there will be more and more because he is a man sitting with a car full of people on the train tracks and he doesn’t know enough to get off with the train coming. Watch the ages of the dead night after night, day after day – 21 … 23 … 19 … 25 … Anybody responsible for getting people this young killed is a national menace.

Dumb people always are.

Jimmy Breslin’s reaction to the debates in Newsday.

The Mighty, Mighty Mountain of Bad Metaphor…

and the valley of insipidness below…

I mean, seriously…

“We’ve climbed the mighty mountain. I see the valley below, and it’s a valley of peace…”

Who writes this hokey crap?

Can me maybe introduce some local color, so that folks will feel more “connected” with President “regular guy”?

Viewers in Lousiana will hear:
“We have swum the mighty bayou. I seen the far shore, and there ain’t no gators there.”

Viewers in South Carolina will hear:
“We have driven many laps around the mighty track. I have seen the finish line, and there are hot babes there.”

Viewers in North Dakota will hear:
the wind whistling

Seattle Viewers will hear:
“We have weathered the endless rains, and I have seen the clouds parting. And it’s not going to rain that much later, y’know. I mean, it will rain. Shit, it’s always raining…”

Viewers in California will hear:
“Well, it’s ugly, but we have lived a long time with it. But a little snip here and a tuck there, and we can make it prettier. Really…”

Feel free to add your own in the comments.

Even Die-Hard Republicans are Undecided

Jesus’ General outs CNN “undecided” voter Edward Martos as a College Republican. Hoo-boy, Martos must be embarassed! I mean, if you’re one of these rock-ribbed Young Republican types and you STILL haven’t made up your mind to vote for the REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE, there must be trouble in the party, doncha think? He’s gonna catch some hell at the frat house tonight….

(Where does that term, “rock-ribbed,” come from? Is that why the RNC kicker was stomping on that poor girl? Was he testing her chest-density for ribs of stone? Some sort of litmus test to see if she was a Librul Spy?

“No granite, boys, she’s a commie. Somebody get a rope…”)