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he’s coming for you

Big Pharma has their own version of the Orange Alert, and nobody deserves it Moore: Some pharmaceutical companies are telling their employees to look out for the scruffy guy in the baseball cap. The Houston Chronicle reported Saturday that at least six drug companies have released internal communications telling employees to be wary of filmmaker […]

Let me tell you about the ride home

Seriously, you’re gonna like this. Woke up this morning with every intention of driving to Washington DC to see my OTHER parents. (It’s the Broken Home Family Shuffle, y’all….) and Mrs. Dog was not feeling well. Based on my experiences of the past few days, I was thinking… “OK. Time to get this family off […]

This is kind of ruining my holiday bliss

Woke up yesterday morning with an odd feeling in my stomach. It turned into a full-on case of the “Jump-up-and-turn-arounds” stomach flu. I spent the day in my in-laws’ guest room and bathroom. Profoundly unpleasant, I must say. One interesting revelation from all of this- apparently my body is full of green water. I had […]

This is the kind of thing that rattles my faith

Anyone that can see a number like 23,000 dead and still cling to the assertion that “Everything happens for a reason” is just kidding themselves. I can’t imagine how horrifying this must be. Sometimes, attempting to project order and sense onto chaos is a losing proposition.

How quickly we forget

It’s cold here. I mean, it’s really cold here. There is a foot of snow on the ground that hasn’t melted in the four days that it’s been there, despite Addison’s best efforts to paint it all yellow and melt it. Addison ran around in the snow for an hour, rolled in it, bit it, […]

Well, Merry Christmas, yo….

Hope everyone is safe, warm and well-fed this fine Christmas afternoon. Mrs. Dog and I decided to head for safer driving than we had originally planned. We were originally planning on driving to Indiana to her Parents’ house, but I-65 was still uneven going- we decided that being stuck beside the road was not how […]

Come, all ye Faithful

Following Travis’ (♀) link to the Salon article, we discover this tagline: Battling the homosexuals, liberals and Jews, Bill O’Reilly and friends are making America safe for Christmas. As I said in her comments, they left out “…when he’s not sticking things in his butt.” The article goes to say Fresh off Republican wins in […]

While we’re on the subject of consumerism

My No Sweat order has arrived. I got four t-shirts, a hooded sweatshirt, a stocking cap (which looks SO MUCH better on Mrs. Dog that I surrendered it immediately) and a pair of the No Sweat shoes. The quality on all of the stuff is first rate. The hoodie is butter-soft and No Sweat’s extra-large […]

Greasel, Diesel, Soyotas and Sticking it to Osama

Right now, with $3000 I could put three light duty pickups in the road that would all run on Biodiesel without any modifications to the engines. (with the exception of placing a $10.00 fuel filter in line before the factory fuel filter. Why? From the FAQ: Can I use biodiesel in my existing diesel […]

and back to the heavy

When I was in Italy working on the screenplay, I met an English writer (of Asian ancestry) named Pervaiz. Pervaiz and I spoke at great length about his travels, being raised and educated in England while his family is from Kashmir. Fascinating guy, and really funny, too. Today he emailed me the letter he has […]

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