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Doing a bunch of traveling. Sorry for the light posting. Seven hours of sleep in two days, but we are covering some serious ground. Got some furniture for the house, though.

The difference between you and me…

Is that you’re still a band… McLusky have broken up. From their website: The three piece rock band known as mclusky have disbanded, as of friday january 7th, 2005. The reason for this parting is private, though probably not as entertaining as you’d imagine. Personally, I would like to thank all the people, places and […]

blogian tiger trap

Sometimes when I check through my logs to see how people find this blog, I get kinda tickled. People come looking for more right wing blogosphere noise and they get ME. Hi. Howya’ doin’? For example, today? Search terms “vandenheuvel commie” (Katrina vanden Heuvel is editor of The Nation, for those of you that don’t […]

You use me, I use you

fascinating. Kanye West recently announced that he plans to charge for appearing on magazine covers in the future. According to NY Daily News, Kanye said that artists help boost magazine sales by appearing on their covers and that they should get a cut of the publications’ revenues. “These magazines make money from ads and subscriptions. […]

the profound chasm of a revolver barrel

I haven’t said anything about Hunter S. Thompson’s death because it’s left me a bit speechless. Sure, in recent years the guy has been a shambling wreck with brief outbursts of lucidity. He might have embarrassed us a little when he staggered out into public and howled like a bull elephant at the lights in […]

Odd Goings On

Let me first admit that I am in danger of getting my lefty-card revoked. Why? Because I haven’t paid enough attention to the whole Social Security debate. At all. I mean, clearly the Bushistas have it in for any remaining remnant of the new deal, and their “Don’t these people have inheritances?” sort of Let […]

MSN Search=Useless

If you found your way to my site via MSN Search, and you’re wondering why you got dumped on the front page when your search criteria was “Karl Rove pink underwear MiG-25″ and all you see is this entry, it’s because MSN Search has no ability to parse blog archives. Stop scratching your head and […]

Now if he could just make it fit on a t-shirt….

Tbogg ‘splains it all for you, friends. It’s long and it’s detailed, but it sure explains the vitriol of the spittle-flecked defenses of Gannon/Guckert from Buttrocket and the fine folks at Powerline. In a nutshell: Rove–>”Lucy Ramirez”–>Burkett–>CBS–>”Buckhead”–>Powerline–>”Gannon”–>Rove Notice all the pseudonyms. Notice all the lawyers with GOP ties. There’s no such thing as a coincidence. […]

A special message for the fixer

Where’s the best place to get a crate 302 and what’s a good price to pay for one? I have found (but not yet purchased) an 85 F-150 that needs a motor. If we can keep the peanut gallery quiet long enough to have this discussion (*coughcough* Gordon… *coughcough*), I am trying to figure out […]

Weapons Artist in High Demand

“I think that I have done all of my best work in recent years,” says Martin “Marty” Witherspoon, an artist working in the unique medium of seized armaments arrangement installations. Witherspoon spoke to Yelladog via satellite phone from the Iraqi city of Basra as he was putting the finishing touches on his most recent installation. […]

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