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Christgau Jumps the Shark

Can anyone explain this? Y’know, when someone says “I think he just wrote down some shit that just came into his head and turned it in”? Can anyone make a compelling argument against that theory about this article? Does anyone have Sasha Frere-Jones’ email? Maybe he can shed some light on this….

Reggaetón Explosion

Tego Calderon blew up Madison Square Garden the other night. More music that I think everyone should have… Like rappers, reggaetón artists are driven by the competition of freestyle battles. And the incorporation of the DJ into sets is becoming the industry norm. “Musically, reggaetón was born in a hip-hop environment, with a little bit […]

Terri Schiavo has passed

She went this morning. Rest in Peace.

His name is Chuck

And he’s my FUCKING HERO. And in a Ramones shirt, no less. Chuck and his buddies have Big Brass Ones, that’s for damn sure. Look at that grin. Holy cow.

What he said

Billmon takes a good hard look at Senator Danforth’s plea for a little common sense on the Right and declares it… a little disingenuous. At one point in his own political career Danforth barely survived a close race against a pro-choice Democrat — former Lt. Gov. Harriet Woods. I don’t remember hearing him complaining about […]

they’ve got a certain…. flair for the totalitarian, these “staffer”-types

The anonymous “staffers” that throw people out of events that the shunned persons (as taxpayers) have paid for seem to share a certain M.O. They always seem to 1. Refuse to give their name. 2. Demand the gate crasher’s ticket. 3. Tell them they’ve been “added to a list.” 5. And crumple up the ticket. […]

The Feeding Tube Meme

Now the Pope’s got one. Here in Geeklandia, where I work, several thoughts are being knocked around: 1. Is it the same tube? I mean, since Terri Sciavo’s not using hers any more? 2. And what if he lingers for like 12 years? As eponymous puts it: “…still being around in 30 years, completely incoherent, […]

Is Texas Sodom and Florida Gamorrah or the other way around?

First, note the headline: “Boy Scout official charged in child porn case” Then, note the byline: “DALLAS, Texas” I’ll pretend to be shocked if you’ll pretend I’m good looking. On three? I tell ya, seems like Florida and Texas just stay in the news these days. Like I said before, in Florida and Texas, it’s […]

that’ll teach ya

This is kind of ironic, I think… The parents of Terri Schiavo have authorized a conservative direct-mailing firm to sell a list of their financial supporters, making it likely that thousands of strangers moved by her plight will receive a steady stream of solicitations from anti-abortion and conservative groups. “These compassionate pro-lifers donated toward Bob […]

Moonie Times Foments Race War

Now, before we go any further, remember that this is the newspaper that reported that Exactly 25 Chechen Terrorists Crossed the US/Mexico Border in July with the intent of disrupting the elections last November. So, take this with a bag of salt. But TODAY they’re reporting that Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13, one of the largest […]

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