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Norbizness is my hero

Norbizness watched the debates last night, so I didn’t have to. “But… But….” I hear you say, “aren’t you worried about not being ‘informed’?” Well, if not knowing a fucking thing about anything doesn’t bother the President, why should it bother me? Plus, The Mighty Norb has the transcript: Here’s the transcript, with alterations and […]

Tiger Drop

Well, today’s officially the day. Tiger is available for general release. I love this “article” at I think Steve Jobs has a mole. Despite a much smaller user base, Mac OS X has been steps ahead of Microsoft’s Windows on key fronts since its first release in 2001. It’s got more advanced and polished […]

Ahmed Chalabi: The Athletes Foot of Mesopotamia

This guy will not go away. Unbelievable. Iraq failed to name an oil minister for its new government on Thursday and controversial politician Ahmad Chalabi was appointed acting minister of an industry plagued by sabotage attacks and uncertainty. Wasn’t he headed for Tehran in the trunk of a car last time we heard from him? […]

It’s a Bush Country Double Double

Ah, life in the Red States… SANFORD, Fla. — The Seminole County sheriff’s office said a Volusia County man is in custody on his 16th drunken-driving arrest. Mitchell Raulerson, 55, of Seville, was stopped in Sanford by an officer who was suspicious about his hand-drawn license plate. Raulerson is also charged with driving on a […]

Just another dead, gay, drug-addicted republican election fixer…

I have to hand it to the NY Times… it has to be difficult to serve this up without blinking… I mean, it must take an urban dispassion that I can only aspire to. (“A gay, drug-addicted republican election fixer…? It happens all the time around here, son. We got a million of them. Look […]

220… 221, whatever it takes.

Ever get the impression the Bush White House just throws darts at a board to see who gets what job? Karen Hughes as “the Bush administration’s choice for a State Department post designed to change Islamic perceptions about America.” Uh. What? John Bolton, in the words of former colleague Frederick Vreeland: “Bolton has none of […]

How good is Uglesich’s restaurant?

Well, it’s in New Orleans and its obit is in the NY Times. Five days a week, 11 months a year, lines have formed outside the ramshackle building, which displays a sign from the long-defunct Jax Brewery in one window. On Good Friday this year, customers began arriving at 9 in the morning, even though […]

Hey, check this out

Looks like there might be a Solar Tower coming to the US after all. All those plans I made for keeping myself in grits and groceries for a Post-Peak Oil world might not be necessary. An Australian company and its American counterpart are scouring the Southwest for a site to build a mammoth, multimillion-dollar solar […]

Whatever it takes

Look, I don’t care. If it lowers the price of gas, I hope he swallows.

Mac Users: $20k a month more smug

They don’t call Micro$oft “The Evil Empire” for nothing: has learned that Microsoft is currently paying a $20,000 a month retainer to former Christian Coalition head Ralph Reed’s consulting firm Century Strategies. Which now begs the question of whether Reed was in any way involved with Microsoft’s recent decision to abandon its decades long […]

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