I have a secret

I speak some of those filthy Europeans’ languages. After hearing NPR’s European correspondent (can’t remember his name for some reason) this morning talk about the European reaction to the whole Schiavo thing, I went and read the editorial pages of a couple of European newspapers. Here is what El Pais de EspaƱa has to say:

The battle around this case shows the most objectionable elements of the extreme Christian Right and its political aims, but also that the systems of rights protections in the US work…

Is this the ‘Compassionate Conservatism’ we hear so much about? The combination of religious and political extremism produces monsters.

Le Monde de Paris has this to say:

Not only did the republican maneuverings to save Terri fail, it angered much of the American public and opened a deep fracture within the republican party- between the opponents to intervention and the christian conservatives…

The activism of the Congress and the president were condemned by most Americans: 80 % of Americans surveyed felt that the motivations of Congress were purely political.

El Periodico de Barcelona has this this to say:

In the absence of a clear expression of the will of the patient (ie, a Living Will -pyd), the law should respect the principles of euthanasia (that’s an admittedly loose translation), in the end it’s what common sense and the doctor’s findings would indicate. To artificially maintain a life in a permanent vegetative state with no chance of recovery is not a defense of life, it’s an abuse of medical technology. Because that life in fact really no longer exists.

So, that’s your polyglot news roundup on the Schiavo case. Anyone with better language skills than mine, or anyone interested in offering German, Italian or Portuguese newspaper accounts, feel free to offer them up in the comments.

It’s a Digital Feast

I wish I hadn’t been so caught up in my workaday crap/farming/playing in the band/writing a movie to notice that April Fool’s Day was coming… I might have thought of something funny to do here. But as it is, I can only go look at the really, really funny stuff that everyone else did.

I have already mentioned Roxanne’s brilliant Michelle Malkin parody, but BoingBoing has been supplanted by BoringBoring, and Oh, THIS is so near and dear to my heart:

State of the Blogosphere: Increase in post volume mostly Josh Marshall on Social f#@king Security
As we drilled a little deeper into David Sifry’s excellent State of the Blogosphere report, we discovered that the numbers aren’t as encouraging as we first thought. While Sifry found that Technorati is logging about 500,000 posts a day compared to just 400,000 per day in October 2004, almost all those new posts — about 90,000 a day — are Talking Points Memo’s Josh Marshall going on and on about Social Security. Of those, about 10 are about policy while the remainder are devoted to political maneuvering and personal minutiae about congressmen no one’s ever heard of. The remainder of the sphere-wide posting gains, meanwhile, were primarily devoted to “Friday Cat Blogging.”

Indeed. Heh. (or is it supposed to be the other way around? I can never keep that straight. Heh. Indeed.)

Something weird is happening

to Ann Coulter. It seems that her boobs are sucking the life force out of the rest of her body. Her neck, face, arms and torso in this picture are clearly dwindling away… but her boobs have the strength of ten men…