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Cheneybot runs amok

What’s up with Cheney these past few days? When they have him out there dissembling and spinning there’s something brewing. Are they trying to make him look more Presidential before they rub out the the guy who is flying around in Air Force One at the moment? Are they trying to use him to push […]

Cheney’s Crystal Ball

I don’t know if they switched Dick Cheney’s meds this week or what, but suddenly the guy is gifted with second sight: The vice president said he expected the war would end during President Bush’s second term, which ends in 2009. Hard to know what to make of that. I thought we had “turned the […]

PS- It’s not just my birthday

It’s also a day we should call We Should Have a Conscience Even if Our Leaders Don’t Day. Imagine the person you love most in the world- your everything, the reason that you get up in the morning, the person that helps give your life meaning, helps you raise your children and fixes your car […]

Just a quick thought

Looks like those extra Abu Ghraib photos are gonna hit after all. And baby, they’re bad. Really bad. The images, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld told Congress, depict “acts that can only be described as blatantly sadistic, cruel, and inhuman.” After Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga.) viewed some of them in a classified briefing, he testified that […]

It’s my birthday

Blogging will be light as friends and family assemble at Casa Perro for grilling and chilling. The weather is dark, damp and cool here, and I don’t mind a bit. Come one, come all. You’re invited if you can get here. -p

The things you can’t remember

and the things you can’t forget… I forgot how tedious it is driving to a gig in another town. Six hours of Alabama. I mean, it wasn’t too bad, but it was always a great opportunity to get some reading done back when I did it with Five-Eight. Didn’t bring a book today. Duh. This […]

This will probably amount to nothing

but at least, as Gordon points out, someone’s doing SOMETHING: A coalition of activist groups running the gamut of social and political issues will ask Congress to file a Resolution of Inquiry, the first necessary legal step to determine whether President Bush has committed impeachable offenses in misleading the country about his decision to go […]

As we were discussing…

In yesterday’s conversation, we were discussing the face in the mirror coming to resemble the faces on our propaganda (“the Koran should be stabbed!”) posters… Unfortunately, A Tiny Revolution has more… What’s the big deal about shaving off a few beards? Shouldn’t the detainees and the Islamic world generally just suck it up and get […]

Well, we have really obnoxious mosquitoes.

This morning, conversation in my office turned to the topic of bear attacks. (Don’t ask me how, I am too sleepy to remember.) A quick google search found the photos of that insanely giant Alaskan bear. (You know the one- everyone got that in their email two years ago.) However, I found this article. I […]

A Fountain of Indignant Rage

But I am sure he’s a great guy. Seriously. The Fixer has been on fire this week. The latest salvo: 25 years ago, I joined the military to protect this nation from the USSR, the people who invented the word ‘gulag’. We have become what despise the most. I might add, though I know this […]

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