Bueller? Anyone?

Ben Stein proves that my initial distrust of him was completely justified. TBogg catches him excoriating Mark Felt for bringing down the Nixon Regime and trying to pin the Cambodian Genocide on The Enemies of Nixon.

Never mind that Khmer Rouge were born during the years that they spent pinned down in the jungle, going slowly insane as US B-52s rained all manner of hellfire and destruction down upon them.

Never mind that the war in Viet Nam COULD HAVE ENDED if Nixon and Kissinger hadn’t SABOTAGED THE 1968 Paris Peace Talks in order to insure Nixon’s victory in the ’68 elections, thereby extending the Viet Nam war and further destabilizing the region.

Stein has the temerity to say “No one doubts RN would never have let [the Cambodian Genocide] happen.” Yes, because the deaths of two million Viet Namese really sated him, y’know.

Maitre d’: Good evening sir and how are we today?
Mr. Creosote: Better.
Maitre d’: Better?
Mr. Creosote: Better get a bucket. I’m gonna throw up.

Nixon was an war criminal. Blaming those who opposed his unjust and illegal war for what happened in Cambodia is pure folly. Perhaps Ben Stein is counting on the average reader to be ignorant enough of history to accept this line of crap. Or perhaps he’s that self-deluding. You just never know with these “conservative” types, do you?

::UPDATE:: The Fixer cracks the pattern of the Right Wing Noise Machine in action. They’re all saying it. Holy cow, what a bunch of loons.

See, the difference here…

is when I say “net” and you hear “gross”… well, there’s a little misunderstanding.

“Oh, sorry… here’s four million dollars.”

A jury awarded Nine Inch Nails alternative rocker Trent Reznor $2.95 million after finding his former manager breached his contract and acted fraudulently, a lawyer said Tuesday.

The jury in Manhattan federal court delivered the verdict Friday against John Malm, Reznor’s longtime manager, said attorney Zia F. Modabber. The award likely would top $4 million when interest is added.

Reznor sued Malm, contending he duped Reznor into signing a contract that gave Malm 20 percent of his gross earnings rather than net earnings, and let Malm collect the commission forever.

That’ll learn ya. Both of ya.

Let the flamewar begin

Controversial metaphor simile for the day:

“Talking about a television series on your weblog is like clapping two empty bowls together and calling it dinner.”

I am prepared to take the beating that I know is coming for saying this, but please, please, please, don’t ever mention American Idol to me in person. Ever. Please.

Bush Country

I should mention that I was in Pensacola last weekend to play some music. As we drove through town, we were struck by three things:

1. There are still thousands of houses with blue tarps where their roofs should be.
2. There are still piles of hurricane debris everywhere.
3. Hurricane Ivan was eight months ago.

Granted, Escambia County was one of the hardest hit by Ivan, but it’s been eight months. What’s Jeb Bush doing with all of the FEMA money? In 2008, you could vote for Jeb and we could all be under blue tarps.

Praise Jesus and pass the brass knuckles.

It’s astonishing what people will admit when they believe that they have a sympathetic audience. What follows is an excerpt from James Dobson’s (director and F├╝hrer of Focus on the Family) book. In summary, it’s his own account of savagely beating his 12 pound dog because it wanted to sleep in the wrong part of the house. No, really.

What developed next is impossible to describe. That tiny dog and I had the most vicious fight ever staged between man and beast. I fought him up one wall and down the other, with both of us scratching and clawing and growling and swinging the belt. I am embarrassed by the memory of the entire scene. Inch by inch I moved him toward the family room and his bed. As a final desperate maneuver, Siggie backed into the corner for one last snarling stand. I eventually got him to bed, only because I outweighed him 200 to 12!

Let me make sure all the details are clear here. Siggie is a 12 pound dog. The dog wanted to sleep outside of his crate. Dobson brooks no desire contrary to his own, so he savagely beats the dog with a belt.

What’s the purpose of recounting this episode? (I mean, this is the sort of behavior of which most any normal person would be horribly ashamed.) OH… it’s in his manual for HOW TO RAISE A CHILD.

But this is not a book about the discipline of dogs; there is an important moral to my story that is highly relevant to the world of children. Just as surely as a dog will occasionally challenge the authority of his leaders, so will a little child — only more so.

(emphasis in the original text)

James Dobson- insuring a future filled with Music Hates You fans.