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From Agent Little Bird

I just got this email: I just had a horrifying thought. The bankruptcy laws change in October, right? And we now have millions of homeless people who lost their houses and jobs and everything else, but still have mortgages. “Oh, crap,” is right. Agent Little Bird This could be a real shitstorm for a lot […]

Why one should never argue history with people who don’t read books and stuff

Doghouse Riley twists John “They called me crazy and I still love them…maybe I am crazy” McCain’s tail: John McCain, on CBS Sunday morning: Vietnam never had a legitimate government in Saigon that the people believed in and trusted. There was superpower engagement in a huge way. [In Iraq] we [have] a problem with the […]

Strike the blow, hide the hand

Oh, excellent news today. Mr. Bush cut his vacation two days short. I realize it’s a huge sacrifice, so I really appreciate his dipping into his precious time off. So, where to begin… hm…. so many things to delegate…. hmm…….. Well, let’s see. We know the White House isn’t gonna take responsibility for this: “The […]

You got change for a ten?

Bob Harris has found a computer modeling system for computing hurricane damage based on statistical data from past storms. The good news? Projected damage to the entire state of Georgia, as of 2:30 pm eastern time: $9.03. Someone call Sonny Purdue and tell him I can cover it!

Meanwhile, back at the “Ranch”…

Y’know, I am glad Jane at firedoglake is paying attention, because this made my day: Well I have learned to content myself with knowing that no matter how anxious I become, it is nothing compared to the slow, turning spit that Richard Perle roasts on. And why Perle, you ask? Why not Rove or Libby […]

Bootlegger’s Delight

I can’t say enough good things about this microphone. The Sony ECM-MS907 is a great stereo microphone to attach to a Minidisc recorder. I grabbed it for use in Costa Rica to get some rainforest sounds (especially Howler monkeys), but didn’t find occasion to use it much. Since I got back, however, Mrs. Dog recorded […]

Speaking of rock and roll

This article is pretty great. David Segal, rock and pop critic for the Washington Post, meditates upon what makes for a great rock and roll show. You know about the great Live Concert Moment, right? I’m not talking about the kind of show where you leave thinking, “Those guys rule!” and then buy a T-shirt. […]

‘Americans are a war-like people…’

At least, some of them. And when they get together to stifle dissent, they can’t help but knock the piss out of each other. The crowd, which organizers said topped 3,000 but appeared closer to 1,500, chanted “Cindy, Go Home” and compared her to Jane Fonda, whose visit to a North Vietnamese gun site in […]

The night New Orleans died

House parties are the heart and soul of the Athens Music Scene. For all of its anti-bourgoise pretensions, the club scene is pretty much run by upper-middle class white kids with college educations. It’s not so much a glass ceiling as a diaphanous network- a set of hip cultural references, body postures and footwear choices […]

How to win friends and influence people

I don’t guess there’s any point in pretending to be shocked by this headline: “Bolton throws UN summit into chaos” What follows is a laundry list of bad-faith initiatives, which seem most likely designed to make Bolton the squeakiest wheel in Squeakyland. John Bolton, Washington’s new ambassador to the United Nations, has called for wholesale […]

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