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Well, there’s no turning back now.

My dad and I are about to get on the train to go to the starting line of the 30th Marine Corps Marathon. I got a pretty good night of sleep last night. My stomach is only a little nervous. It’s fairly cold outside. The best news is that we’re not going to have to […]

Fixer’s Kind of Soldier

No soldier left behind. Even small furry soldiers. Laurel lawyer John E. Smathers, a captain in the Army Reserve, returned from a year in Iraq with a broken arm, a wrecked knee and a chest full of medals. During his tour, Smathers helped thwart a bank robbery and assisted in recovering stolen Iraqi artwork. He […]

Was kind of out of pocket today… did I miss anything?

Just kidding. We listened to Fitzgerald’s press conference live. As for the 10th Inning show on NPR: It’s odd to me how many people who have whiffed with every prediction they have made about this investigation persist in the desire to keep making predictions. (If you’ve missed every pitch you’ve swung at in this game, […]

Travel day

Not much is going to happen in the blog world today, anyway, right? I’ll be driving to DC… listening to the radio. heh. Y’know, I am gonna be up there for the marathon, anyway. Maybe we’ll ride the Metro into town to see the frog march in person.

13 out of 20

On your mark. Get set. Go. Post your score in the comments. (no fibbing.)

Consideration of the upshot

With Miers’ withdrawal comes a different set of issues. Agent PapaNeuva, despite lack of experience and comparative youth, has some thoughtful comments on the issue: wasn’t I saying that this might be the plan to begin with? Trot Miers out there, let her get beat up a little bit, then pull her in favor of […]

Frank finally got his ring

If you’re not reading Thomas Boswell and you love baseball, you’re missing out. I have been a huge Thomas Boswell fan since I first read “Cracking the Show.” Here he is talking about the long-awaited White Sox Series Championship. In the last 365 days, baseball has squared some of its longest standing debts. Last Oct. […]

Today’s gonna be a shitty day at the White House

It’s already started. President Bush on Thursday accepted the withdrawal of Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers, according to a statement from the White House. In her letter to the president, Miers said she was “concerned that the confirmation process presents a burden for the White House and its staff and it is not in the […]

Countdown to the Marine Corps Marathon

I run 26.2 miles in four days. I have talked about my past marathon experiences here, here, here, here and a few more places… Last year was kinda rough, but also kind of fun, though for my dad it was agony, since his back was thrown out of whack. My back is kind of tweaked […]

Odd coincidence

Scooter Libby’s real name is Lewis Libby. NPR’s reporter on the Plame case is named “Libby Lewis.” Of such strange stuff the world is made, huh?

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