This could get nasty

Al Jazeera is understandably miffed that the British Government is playing Now You See It, Now You Don’t with the ‘Exterminate the Brutes Unfriendly Media Outlet’ Memo.

A senior al-Jazeera executive is in the UK to demand publication of a memo in which George Bush allegedly discusses bombing the TV station’s HQ.
Wadah Khanfar, al-Jazeera’s director general, is hoping to meet UK government officials to press its case.

My guess is that the British Media will eventually leak the memo. They had it, probably still have copies of it and are only being restrained from releasing it by threats from the Blair Government. Since there are tons of former BBC tech staff at Al Jazeera (watch Control Room, ‘k?) someone is going to turn up with it.

Here’s my guess about how the pushback from DC will develop (Now with Talking Points Kung-Fu Grip!):
1. Preznit was joking. (When that falls apart, they will resort to-)
2. Well, even if he did mean it, we didn’t actually kill anyone.
3. Oh, we did? Accident. Unrelated. Nothing to see here.
4. Look, I don’t know why you people are still talking about this. Continuing to do so will harm our precious image in the middle east and encourage the terr’ists. Shut up.
5. Are you still talking about that? That was months ago. Nothing came of it. You hysterical moonbats clearly don’t realize that there’s a war on. Traitors.

Step six will happen thirty years from now, and hopefully we’ll get a hanging judge.

Stop right there

Arright, put down that fork. You’re not gonna want to have your mama’s sweet potato souffle in your mouth when you read this. You may recall that I once had a little fun when I noticed that the Stupidest Fucking Guy on the Planet was free to wreak havoc on the private sector.

Well, um… yeah… apparently it’s catching

Former FEMA Director Michael Brown, heavily criticized for his agency’s slow response to Hurricane Katrina, is starting a disaster preparedness consulting firm to help clients avoid the sort of errors that cost him his job.

Yeah. Someone needs to tell this guy that 99% of the country wouldn’t hire him to swat flies. This is like discovering that guy who skippered the Exxon Valdez has a 60 day Quit-Horrendously-Fucking-Up Program.

Irony is dead.

Hillary with teh funnee

This cracked me up:

…you may discover the facet of Chris Matthews that may explain everything. In a discussion on torture and the McCain amendment with Sen. Graham, he keeps bringing up that “it works in the movies” (specifically with the mafia). Aww. Honey. Putting on a show to save the family farm and taking off your glasses to become automatically hot don’t always do the trick either.

I’m betting the glasses thing works for at least half of Team Brown…

And that’s that for today

Gotta load the car and drive to Indiana for Turkey Day.

Talk amongst yourselves.

Maybe someone could write the script for the Oil Industry PR commercial they’re going to need to do.

Safe travels, you travelers. Don’t be an idiot and go go shopping on Friday. Why do people DO that? My idea of the WORST DAY to leave the house all year. I don’t get it.

Anyway, I’ll be around tomorrow.

Dear God, please let this happen to me…

Bob Novak is out there looking for a fight.

Novak was boarding an American flight to Chicago when he cut in front of another passenger while entering first class. The guy protested and laid a hand on Novak — who responded by socking him and threatening to knock his teeth out.

I have a suspicion that an old fart like Novak picks his targets very carefully. Bullies don’t live to be that old and still be bullies without choosing exactly whom to push and when.

But it makes we want to prowl around Novak’s stomping grounds and hope he gets liquored up enough to take a swing at me. Oh me, oh my, we’d have a big ol’ time.

They’re gonna ‘Take him out.’

Say what you will about Hugo Chavez, he puts his money where his mouth is.

Thousands of low-income Massachusetts residents will receive discounted home heating oil this winter under an agreement signed Tuesday with Venezuela, whose government is a political adversary of the Bush administration.

Citgo Petroleum Corp., a subsidiary of Venezuela’s state-owned oil company, will supply oil at 40 percent below market prices.

What does it say about where we’re at as a society that a former third world country is doing relief work for our urban poor?

This comes on the heels of Day of the Fat Cats on Capitol Hill.

I wonder if we’re going to see one of those public relations pushbacks, with some high dollar Madison Avenue PR firm doing commercials for the US Oil Industry. “Oil: It’s to die for!”

It not about who they are, it’s about who we are…

Agent Trouble-With-the-Upstairs-Neighbor sent me a link to Tom Gilroy’s brilliant essay from the HuffPo about torture and America.

Senator John McCain, a curious man who plays nice-nice with the very cut-throats who floated unfounded rumors about his supposed sexual infidelities so he’d lose the Republican primary, can speak from experience when he decries torture. He knows what it’s like to be inside that hood. I don’t, you don’t, Rumsfeld doesn’t, Cheney doesn’t, Bill O’Reilly doesn’t, Sean Hannitty doesn’t, and W doesn’t. But Senator McCain does.

So what does he do? He proposes a bill any sane American would call a no-brainer; since we’re the Paragon of Freedom, it just makes sense we’d join the rest of the planet and not only denounce torture, but refuse to engage in it. This was the idea behind those ‘quaint’ Nuremberg additions to the Geneva Conventions, and it might be instructive here to remember who the violators were in that debacle, you know—the last Western government that was openly pro-torture.

But the Nazis were Godless commies, and we’re so much better, what with God on our side and all, and Him having those little private chats with W, so really there’s no comparison.

So McCain states it in plain English for those of us God doesn’t have the time to chat with; moral people can’t do this, no matter what you call the victims—‘enemy combatants,’ ‘prisoners of war,’ or ‘terrorists.’ He utters perhaps the most morally astute quote of the W era– ‘it’s not about what they are, it’s about who we are.’

I realize that’s a giant chunk of an essay to excerpt, but I just didn’t know where to stop. The rest is just as good as what I have excerpted, if not better. Just go read the whole thing.

We are at a curious turning point as a nation. We have not been here in my lifetime, though perhaps just before I was born in 1968, some similar decisions about who “We” are had to be made in order to continue with the Vietnam War. Gilroy says many of the things I have been feeling about the sort of Deal with the Devil one makes when one decides torture is ok. Again, you should go check it out.

Instapundit owes Eason Jordan an apology (and a job)

I can’t believe this. Dumbstruck. Flummoxed.

US President George W. Bush planned to bomb pan-Arab television broadcaster al-Jazeera, British newspaper the Daily Mirror said, citing a Downing Street memo marked “Top Secret”.
The five-page transcript of a conversation between Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair reveals that Blair talked Bush out of launching a military strike on the station, unnamed sources told the daily which is against the war in Iraq.

I had some thoughts on Al Jazeera after seeing Control Room last year. I think it’s important to realize that the people at Al Jazeera are, y’know, PEOPLE… Didn’t someone lose their job for insinuating something like this?

Fortunately, I have some insider information on the conversation between Bush and Blair. You can view a dramatic recreation here.

As my friend Sean D said “It’s like he has some sort of brain disorder, only it’s not even a very exciting one- let’s see …, like Ide Amin. You know, a real fucking syphilitic madman rather than just some frat boy from Texas that curdled his brain with cheap whiskey and expensive cocaine.”

Additional thoughts:
eponymous supplied the title for this post with his thoughtful comment- “the Instahack needs to bow down and suck Eason Jordan’s toes”

Looks like Instapundit DOES owe Eason Jordan a serious apology.

Possible pushbacks from the Right-

“Bush was joking.” (puh-LEEZE. That’s its own moral quagmire.)
“Just because Bush said X doesn’t mean that the 2nd Armored Division did Y on purpose.” (Yeah, but it sure cast some doubt on their plausible deniability to me.)
“Making a big stink about this can only hurt us in our struggle for the Liberation of the Iraqi People.” (Fuck you.)

Not Terribly Surprising

I finally saw an internet quiz that made me curious. The whole “What flavour of Jones Soda are YOU?!!?” thing doesn’t warrant even a raised eyebrow from me in most cases, but today’s was interesting:

You scored as Existentialism. Your life is guided by the concept of Existentialism: You choose the meaning and purpose of your life.

“Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does.”

“It is up to you to give [life] a meaning.”

–Jean-Paul Sartre

“It is man’s natural sickness to believe that he possesses the Truth.”

–Blaise Pascal

More info at Arocoun’s Wikipedia User Page…







Justice (Fairness)








Strong Egoism


Divine Command


What philosophy do you follow? (v1.03)
created with

Well, that’s not terribly shocking, is it?

Heh, Indeed: ‘Measured in coffee spoons’ edition

TBogg makes a nice catch:

Like watching a war between Star Trek nerds and Star Wars nerds:


November 21, 2005

JAMES LILEKS ISN’T IMPRESSED with Kurt Vonnegut. “Dude. Don’t bogart the Semtex.”

Lileks “isn’t impressed” with Kurt Vonnegut?

I’m sorry… isn’t this the mama’s boy who falls prostrate at the foot of the Mighty God Target? The man whose rise to fame was mostly on the discrete charm of the Gallery of Regrettable Food? (My vote for most regrettable food: Milque Toast.) Did exposure to someone actually Raging Against the Dying of the Light give poor Jimmy Lileks a case of the vapours?

My suspicion is that Jimmy Sweatervest’s well-documented aversion to wild-eyed radicals and bumptious questioners of authority and the horrifying ordeal of inconvenient parking is that it brings him uncomfortably close to having to Actual People who are Living Lives. It’s enough to give J Alfred Prufrock a nervous stomach, y’know, all that shouting and bustling and intemperate language.

And indeed there will be time

To wonder, “Do I dare?” and, “Do I dare?”
Time to turn back and descend the stair,
With a bald spot in the middle of my hair—

[They will say: “How his hair is growing thin!”]
My morning coat, my collar mounting firmly to the chin,
My necktie rich and modest, but asserted by a simple pin—
[They will say: “But how his arms and legs are thin!”]
Do I dare

Disturb the universe?

In a minute there is time
For decisions and revisions which a minute will reverse.