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Bought and paid for

forwarded without comment: SUPREME COURT The Supreme Court has tossed out a lawsuit that accused two oil companies of inflating gasoline prices by at least a (b) billion dollars. Justices unanimously ruled gas distributors didn’t prove ChevronTexaco and Shell violated antitrust laws. The joint venture started in 1998 and ended four years ago. In the […]

Is it redneck in here? Or is it just me?

Between the incessant nattering about cars and engines and pictures of my bird dogs comes e p o n y m o u s’ condemnation of canned hunting and defense of regular old huntin’ and fishin’. On a more personal note I’d like to add that while I’ve never hunted, I did grow up fishing […]

Dodge Day Afternoon

Here is the text of a post I made on the Mopar web board I use. I mentioned (I think) half of my regular readers in it… so I thought I would bring it here so you guys could see your names in lights… [snip] The Sludge Strikes Back: Several people on the Mopar web […]

Annoy the NSA

I don’t know how familiar you might be with PGP. A brief history can be found here. Essentially, PGP is bulletproof encryption for your web communications. It’s .gov strength message security for everyday folks. There was a big stink back in 1997 or so, when the NSA lobbied congress to ban it, and back then […]

Well, then.

I seldom do this, but I am reposting a comment on someone else’s weblog in its entirety here, because it’s just so damn spot-on. You can go here to TBogg’s and see it in its original context. I am going to repost a comment left for Vodkapundit on his blog, because he might delete it: […]

Question of the (yester)Day

La Hermana de Shakespeare has the following question of the day from yesterday: A twist on the old Actors’ Studio question about what one hopes god would say upon one’s arrival in heaven. Instead, “If there is a god, what would you say to him/her when you arrive?” That’s easy, if a little sad, for […]

Being right would be more fun if thousands of people weren’t dying

and the planet wasn’t going to shit and the anti-sex cretins hadn’t taken over South Dakota. But there’s a least a grim chuckle in the Nation’s recap of “David Horowitz’s Restoration Weekend, a traditional gathering of the right-wing tribes” by Marc Cooper: But here’s the serious part: there’s a lot of fear and trembling going […]

Dart Story #6

So I spent the day dinking with it. I took a two foot length of vacuum hose, hooked it to the back of the choke pull-off and sucked on it. It was working just fine, and held a seal, so I guess the diaphragm in that is intact. As you may recall, yesterday I disconnected […]

Dart Story #5

Mrs. Dog and I were headed into Athens today to do a little running around. Errands (we’re making red beans and rice tomorrow, so we had to go buy some boudin, and I wanted to run buy a carburetor rebuild kit for the Dart, etc) and we came to the 1st traffic light on 441, […]

I can answer this one, professor Black!!

Atrios sez: Still, when/if the time comes it’ll be incumbent on journalists figure out how to respond to such actions by the Bush administration. America’s Most Famous Journalist, Bob Woodward, is in a prime position to take the lead. As a recipient of classified information from the top levels of the Bush administration he’s the […]

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