News Flash:

The gas gauge on the Dart?

NOT accurate.

1/4 tank = no gas.

And it was pissing rain and freezing yesterday.

However, it is still a very cool car.

Sorry to have gone so quiet

I have been working on something as a favor to a friend, and it’s kind of a big deal, so I have been busy.


I would love to tell you more, but there is actually at least one life and one career in the balance, and I am just trying to facilitate meetings between a sick person and some specialized doctors.

It’s making me wonder if I shouldn’t try and get an MPH and pursue Epidemiology… because it’s SO damn fascinating…

Quick Random Ten

Way too busy today to do the full explication, but here are the first ten songs that come up on the random shuffle of my iTunes list:

1. Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – “You Made Me Love You”
2. Big Joe Turner – “TV Mama”
3. Robert Johnson – “Come on in My Kitchen”
4. The Chemical Brothers – “One Too Many Mornings”
5. Nick Drake – “Parasite”
6. Johnny Cash – “I Couldn’t Keep From Crying”
7. Aretha Franklin – “You’ll Never Walk Alone”
8. The Beatles – “Here, There and Everywhere”
9. The Melvins/Lustmorg – “ZZZZ Best”
10. Tandem – “Bienvenue Dans Notre Monde”

Doesn’t get much more random than that, methinks. Jump Swing Blues from the 1940s, gutbucket blues from the ’30s, Sludge Metal from last year. Wow. I think I might be weird.

p.s.- What an odd coincidence that Norbizness and I would both have a Big Joe Turner song in our random ten on the same day…

All the news

Sorry for the light posting these past two days. I have been trying to work through the byzantine process of getting my insurance carrier to ok me for an MRI on my shoulder. We think that I have a torn rotator cuff from that fistfight I got into last fall. The guy who started the fight (and got the worse of it that night)? He’s fine. Me? I have a shoulder that hurts to bad at night that I can’t sleep. Old guys shouldn’t get into punch-ups.

Don’t get me started on the goddamn insurance company.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that I am buying a 1972 Dodge Dart, today. It’s got 74k original miles on it. It’s an honest to god little old lady car. Thinking about putting a 600 cfm Edelbrock 4 barrel on it and the corresponding Edelbrock intake manifold. If (and that’s a big “if”) I can keep my foot out of the tank, that might actually end up saving me some gas by being more efficient. It’s got a V8 318 in it with the stock 2 barrel, now.

Fixer, I know that MT is blocking your posts for some reason. Maybe try a different email address? I don’t know why it’s kicking you out. I really need to migrate to WordPress and be done with it, but I just haven’t had that sort of time to dink with it.

Forgetting our place

Stew Albert is dead.

Stew Albert, a co-founder of the theatrically unruly Youth International Party — whose members were more commonly known as Yippies — and one of the last remaining radical leftists of a colorful cohort that once included Jerry Rubin, Abbie Hoffman, Bobby Seale, Huey Newton, Eldridge Cleaver, John Lennon, Timothy Leary and Tom Hayden, died Monday in Portland of liver cancer. He was 66.
Mr. Albert was clubbed by police during the iconic 1968 anti-war Democratic National Convention riot, and was named as an unindicted co-conspirator at the Chicago 7 trial; seven others were indicted for conspiring to start a riot at the convention. The prosecution read articles he’d written for an underground newspaper.

In the absence of an opposition party, the Yippies made one up. Write that down. One should never doubt that Abbie Hoffman and Stew Albert and Bobby Seale changed the world. The Jonah Goldbergs of the world would prefer that you return to your cubicle and denounce the unruly actions of the malcontents. (Sometimes I suspect that Ezra Klein feels the same way.)

However, as the famous bumper sticker says “Well-mannered women seldom make history.” I’d say that goes for anyone who is opposed to our current Kakistocracy.

A new hero, every day

Let me introduce you to Bernard Chazelle, who does a fine, fine job of rolling a bunch of neocon myths over to the window and letting the sidewalk below do the rest.

Branding and nepotism go hand in glove. To this day, the Ivies maintain a Rich-White-Guy affirmative action scam that allows a certified cretin like George W. Bush to serve a 4-year boozing stint and get a Yale degree for it. The French chopped off their king’s head for that sort of favoritism and are unlikely to be impressed; especially when they see the kind of simian chest-thumper it winds up bringing to power. America is the world’s only nation with a democratically elected royalty. An astonishing 63 percent of US presidents are mutual relatives (of easily traced lineage) and Dubya—man of the people—counts no fewer than 15 US presidents among his relatives [13]. Naturally, it is Hillary’s and Jeb’s self-perceived destiny to raise these numbers to ever more ludicrous heights.

There is the creed of the French Republic. And then there is the reality: riots that convulsed the nation for 3 weeks last fall. The roots of the crisis go back to the labor shortage of the sixties. Boatloads of North African immigrants landed on France’s shores to provide the transient workforce needed to sustain an unprecedented economic boom. The transient part of the plan took a hit when the guests got the bizarre idea of having—gasp—children. Though of French nationality, this new generation, self-named Beurs (why Beurs? read on), grew up with the distinction of being neither truly French nor, for that matter, truly Arab. The Algerians among them bore the added stigma of a particularly nasty bout of decolonization.

This whole essay is SO worth your time. Read the whole thing.

My SOTU response:

I prefer to present it to you in the form of a haiku-


That may very well
be the most redneck thing I’ve
seen, you and that pig.

Thank you. Thank you very much. You’re too kind.