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Jeff Goldstein is an asshole.

And really, what says it more than lamenting that a woman journalist’s head wasn’t cut off? To whit: Apparently Ms Carroll was treated like a princess by her noble and gentlemenly kidnappers, who snatched her up three months ago simply to protest the occupation of their country by the forces who liberated 25 million Iraqis […]

I’d be pissed, too

You may ask yourself “Why on earth would Cynthia McKinney punch a Capitol Hill cop?” Well, maybe it’s because they keep fucking with her. Y’know, suspiciously dark skin and all… In August 1993, during her first term in office, a Capitol Hill police officer tried to prevent her from bypassing a metal detector, as members […]

By the way…

I’d like to take this opportunity to say, once again, that I was right, goddamnit. I mean, if my twin brother wants to forgive that histrionic harridan, that’s his bidness. But at least I can hold my head up and say “I told you people not to go messing around with that,” and they can’t […]

I hate that I have been such a dullard today

I have been working on the advance kit for my band. On the other hand, Fixer and Gordon have been busy. Check out Fixer’s rant about… hmmm… pick one….. You put a bunch of scared, bewildered kids in a place where they can’t tell friend from foe and can’t speak the language, and then tell […]

OK, lots of good news

The MHY record is finally mixed. Next we master, and then everyone can have a copy. I am sure you’re as excited as I am. Next, looks like Jill Carroll is coming home. So is the only survivor of the Sago Mine Disaster. And the chickens? They are coming home to roost, as well. Right […]

Doing what I should have been doing all along

( work )

Today I am going to be taking a day off from work to mix the Music Hates You record. This also means that I will be taking time away from my internet connection, so, y’know, talk to you later? I might pop in over the course of the day. But mostly I will be busying […]

I was grumpy when I had to quit drugs, too

Man, Spring training is looking a lot like a family reunion at the Jackson Compound. Two fights in two days? Over games that don’t even count? One week before Opening Day, excitable reliever Julian Tavarez punched Tampa Bay outfielder Joey Gathright lightly in the jaw Monday after a play at the plate. Players ran in […]

required reading:

Check out this open letter to the US Media. I learned an important lesson from the guys with whom I framed houses in Chicago- You can be Mexican American and never have had an ancestor who crossed the border. As Los Tigres del Norte say in “Somos Mas Americanos,” Yo no cruce la frontera, ¡la […]

joke from the col.

My dad sent me this: A crusty old Sergeant Major found himself at a gala event, hosted by a local liberal arts college. There was no shortage of extremely young, idealistic ladies in attendance, one of whom approached the Sergeant Major for conversation. She said, “Excuse me, Sergeant Major, but you seem to be a […]

Cognitive Dissonance in a nutshell

from Candide’s Notebooks: In 1995, Jose Guttierez was a 14-year-old orphan in Guatemala when he decided to do what 700,000 other Guatemalans had done — enter the United States illegally. Two thousand miles and 14 freight trains later, Guttierez crossed the Rio Grande. He was promptly arrested by the Border Patrol. Being a minor and […]

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